Modern Interior Brings Bright Effect For Living Room, Check This Out!

Modern Interior For Living Room
© Pavel Pisanko – Choosing a good interior for living room will confuse you. Especially if you have a spacious living room so needs a lot of stuffs to decorate it. Do not be desperate, Pavel Pisanko has the answer to help you adorn your living room display with a touch of modern interior in order to bring bright effect.

As interior designer, Pavel Pisanko thinks creatively how to beautify a spacious living room becomes enticing and elegant. First of all, he decides to paint a whole wall in living room with white paint colour. To add a luxurious impression, Pavel picks an elegant modern interior such as, white couches which is placed facing each other, a white bookshelf, and lamp.

An Elegant Concept By Using Modern Interior
© Pavel Pisanko

Moves to another angle, we can see how pavel places an unique modern interior like, three coffee tables front of the couches and white curtain to decorate a wide glass window.

Modern Interior Brings Bright Effect In Living Room
© Pavel Pisanko

In the corner of the room, there is a white piano to bring a classic impression with modern interior around the living room. He is really know what his client needs actually. Therefore, he chooses some stuffs such as, two white fluffy chairs, two wooden chairs for mini bar, and two brown lounge chairs near the fireplace.

A Combination Between Modern Furniture And Modern Interior
© Pavel Pisanko
Modern Interior Suits For Living Room
© Pavel Pisanko
Modern Interior To Beautify Your Living Room
© Pavel Pisanko

Moves to another space, Pavel also places a white couches as same as the first picture above. He is still use an oval coffee table that well-suited with the interior.

Modern Interior Shows Bright Shades For Living Room
© Pavel Pisanko

How is the result? Is it good, right? Pavel Pisanko has an incredible idea to make your living room becomes luxurious by using an amazing modern interior to give bright effect for you. Go and try it now!