Brazilian Style With The Soft Touch Would Creating A Cozy Apartment

Natural home design
© Casa Vogue – Having a cozy retreat in the middle of the nature is very good. Because it has a lot of advantage for you. Why? Because you can get the better lifestyle and a quite place for getting the productivity of sleep. The question is, How can you put the nature element in your apartment? You can follow and find some ideas from the Brazilian style below.

Do you know that making a home which can be blended with the natural beauty is a hard challenge? But, this challenge answered by the famous architect named, Alessandro Sartori. He creates the unique and deeply personal apartment. He does not only appear the color and texture, but also the actual plants inside.

The soft touch would create a cozy apartment design. You will really feel together and mingle with nature. Actually, this is a minimalist design that was beautified with creativity and unique design interior. Do not be surprised by the apartment looks inside.

Minimalist design for small space
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The minimalist pool is one of the best welcomings. The grass is also beautifying your forecourt. A classic pattern from the tile on the wall is the accents that you can show. It would be better if you can put a large window to get the spacious looks.

Beautiful tree decoration
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Simple furniture for creating luxurious feel
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You can see how the wall decoration that is very prominent in this living room! The concrete ceiling with their simplicity would make your home feel more beautiful. You have to choose the right furniture, whether from the steel or wood materials.

The nature element for home design
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A cozy apartment design would be more interest in putting the actual plant in the middle of the apartment would be your best inspiration. Do not be afraid of the rain season, you just need to make a friendly vase from the real ground. That is alco can be a space between the main room with the other.

Beautiful wooden accent for decorating home
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Wooden dining table that so simple and elegant is only decorated with the abstract paint wall. Choosing the right color and materials of the carpet is your task.

Great furniture ideas
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Do you want to have the other space for enjoying the day? You can make a simple room with the unique and comfy chair. You should decorate this space with your favorite style, so you can enjoy the day with being yourself.

Unique fireplace ideas
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Indoor tree decoration
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If you living in the country that has a cold season, a fireplace is the one of the important things that should exist there. The old design of the fireplace is too bored to be applied in this modern era. You can change it into the modern and unique design, to make it more interesting.

Unique home design for small space
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The black kitchen looks so stylish. Making a small bar there, is a great idea right?

Classic bedroom design with a white shade
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Mid-century bedroom design would be creating the romantic atmosphere. If it possible, you can add a little space for a work desk.

Simple office desk in the bedroom
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This is an example of minimalist and a simple work desk that you can appear in your bedroom.

Modern nursery bedroom
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Do you have any baby at home? Is it suitable to support this cozy apartment design by adding a special and charming space for them would be an unforgettable impression.