Title: 5 Best Wall Decoration Ideas 2018


Just close your eyes and picture any kind of room in your imagination. The first thing which came to your mind would have been a ‘Wall’. We spend a lot of time in just thinking and deciding about the fabrics, curtains, furniture, and lighting, and become forgetful about the Wall and its paints. It can be so much impactful but we become fail to imagine it.

Doing paint on walls with an energetic shade and a room in a split instantly comes to life; cover them with a luxuriously designed backdrop and the outcome is out and out stunning. Obviously, such intense strokes are not for everybody. On the off chance, then white walls are your game as it never gets out of fashion and if your living area is temporary or on rent then this subdued color option is only for yours. White always have endless possibilities. Have a look at an amazing white design by Niche Interiors below.

Here we have gathered and discussed a set of endless possibilities, like the effect of different picture frames on the wall forming a gallery. Similarly, we have also discussed how to dress up the wall through wallpaper and decoration pieces. Let’s have a look.

  1. Using Patterned-Tiles is always a Win-Win situation

The rooms having a lot of moisture, dampness especially in bathrooms and kitchen, tiles can fill the double need of keeping the dividers waterproof and giving it a stylish look at the same time.  These days, designed tiles are a major hit where tiles are masterminded to make an unordinary shape or outline. You can also utilize designed patterned tiles on the forward-looking divider to put forth a major expression. These tiles generally come in the measurement of 12-inch by 12-inch sheets, which make the overall look very simple and minimal.

Similarly, metro tiles are also a major hit due to its vintage look, perfect feel and basic space. It creates a big statement in a less space so, it’s always the best option choose from it.

  1. Change the entire boring look of walls by Exciting Wall decor

If you have become bored with your room’s walls then what are you waiting for? Make that room so trendy and chic that everybody gets amazed! There are several ideas to do the wall décor. Look at the following options:

  • 3D installation in circle or block form is always a hit to give a try.
  • Postcard Wall Art is something which remains in fashion all the time and gives a very nostalgic and sweet feeling.
  • Splashing Watercolors in different styles have always been a fun plus a great look for the wall in the end.
  • Who says paper frames aren’t a good option to go with for decorating a wall. Just give it a try once.
  • You can also try the wall installation made up of paper roll holder. It makes a perfect style of minimal art without being too loud. You would love the art made up of simple lines and cuts.
  • Refresh your walls by turning your memorable photos into custom canvas prints designs. Lots of ideas and prints are available, go and check out.
  1. Wall gardens are so refreshing and natural-looking

Wall gardens are the latest trend among the city people who crave for green-home like a thing. They look so lovely, yet have amazing health benefits too. You can use your favorite plants for the purpose which allows you to create beautiful large-sized gardens on your wall. Similarly, it can be decorated as you wish according to the preferences and surrounding.

You can choose any place but the place having a good amount of light is the best option to go for. You can have spider herbs, small herbs, mini-plants, etc. It requires less maintenance and minimal water requirement.

  1. Wallpapers are the Classic option

Who doesn’t love chic and trendy wallpapers?  Wallpapers are always evolving and changing with the time. You may choose any like from the old-school designs of burgundy floral prints remain always in fashion or may it be bold geometric and abstract prints. Similarly, if you are looking for a wallpaper to cover the entire room or hall then stick to neutral and nude tones available in various shades and different designs.

  1. Decoration with baskets is so lively!

Beautiful and mini-wooden baskets are Love. Do give it a try for sure to create a country-theme in your bedroom or living room. For an add-on, pair it with matching accessories and vases to have a subtle kind of effect. Moreover, baskets look good in every room so you don’t have to worry about the cane or wooden furniture-thing.

Last but not the least, wall décor represents your inner thoughts and personal style so, you can convey your mood and expressions through it easily. So, don’t wait now and start creating your walls in something much more dramatic than ever.