How To Save On Roofing In Edmonton


Roofing in Edmonton is particularly a need that is borne out of necessity. Weather changes occur periodically, which could take a toll on the lifespan of the roof, and since the roof is an external element, it becomes unavoidable that it gets beaten by these forces. Extreme heat conditions could lead to the expansion of the roofing material while cold could lead to the contraction of the roofing material, these phenomenon explains why over time, the roof  develops tears which results to leakages or other worse case scenarios.

This is where the services of roofing companies like Silver Line Roofing Ltd. becomes essential since they are specialists in handling roofing problems. The cost accrued when roofing, as a result of ignorance, has become a factor that has scared many into not towing this path; not knowing that there are ways around it. In this article, I will be discussing some key pointers that will enable you to save some cash while employing the services of a roofing company.

Buy Roofing Materials When They Are On Sale

Like it is sinister to companies that are into manufacturing, once in a while a company goes on sale (a period where goods are sold cheaper than the regular price) to clear old stocks. This is also inclusive of manufacturers of roofing materials, over time, they organize sales where roofing materials are sold some percent cheaper than the regular price – it could be 10% or as high as 20%. What is often the concern in this scenario is how to know when these sales are active. The best way to be in the know of this opportunity is to be in close contact with your roofing contractor; since they are in the business, it is only logical for them to be conversant with happenings as such in their industry. Roofing materials could cost an arm when you buy at normal price, so it is paramount to look out for an opportunity like this that has the prospects of saving you some bucks.

Employ Their Services When They Are Least Demanded

Basic Economics knowledge tells us that the higher the demand for a particular good or service, the higher the supply; which invariably affects the price of the good or service. This is quite applicable in this scenario since the season could alter the cost of the roofing material or the service itself. It is a no-brainer that in seasons like winter, a larger percentage of roof damages occur which explains why companies that offer related services become in higher demand. For this reason, some roofing companies exploit this situation and decide to charge a little higher. The only way to outsmart them, as a customer, is to seek for their services in seasons when they are least demanded – sunny, late winter or spring – that way, you will be saving yourself some bucks in roofing in Edmonton.

Beat Down The Price If Possible

It is only natural that the price of goods or services is liable to change, only if you know what you are doing. This is where planning ahead becomes essential. You know you will be needing the services of a roofing contractor, the only reasonable thing to do is to do some research on the estimate and compare and contrast. By doing this, you have an idea of what it costs, so in cases where the contractor offers to charge you ridiculously, you will know better on how to manage the situation. And just by doing some research, you don’t necessarily pay less but you end up not getting cheated.

Be On The Look Out For Coupons

The thing about trying to save cost on anything is that you become observant about anything in relation to that thing you are trying to save cost on. On rare occasions, roofing contractors offer discounts in form of coupons. To have an idea of this opportunity, visit their website for Coupons – if there is any available, it would be made public on their website.

Don’t Do It Yourself

Trust me, I know you are trying to save cost, but this is not advisable at all. Unless you are a roofing contractor yourself, don’t make an attempt to fix your roof yourself; else, you will be accruing more costs than you had actually bargained for. There are reasons why it is advisable to outsource this job, which is highlighted below:

  • They guarantee you of high-quality roofing materials. Just because that’s not your specialty, you might not know when you are buying substandard roofing materials.
  • They are equipped with the right tools.
  • They guarantee you of expertise.
  • They are well experienced in the field.

Outsourcing the job to a professional saves you the cost of paying for that service multiple times and also ensures that you get the value for your money.

Offer Services As Payment

This like your typical trade by barter scenario. Though many might consider this option archaic or outdated it still helps in saving you some bucks. You and your roofer can be of help to each other. It is a win-win situation really. Look for a service the roofer is in need of – it could be, catering, housekeeping, teaching etc.- if it is something within your capability, offer to help. This way, instead of paying in cash, you are offering a service as payment and everyone goes home happy.

File For An Insurance Claim

This is an avenue that helps you save on roofing cost but that doesn’t mean you should abuse it. It is only reasonable to file for an insurance claim when your roof is damaged by some strong wind or a tornado. Still, you have to consult your roofer to inspect and tell you if the damages are worth filing a claim for, so your case doesn’t come off as a joke. If it is inspected and attested by your roofer that filing a claim is in order, then you can go ahead with it by writing to your insurance company; they will take the load off your shoulders by reimbursing you a large chunk of the amount that would be required to fix the roof. And that’s just another way to save cost on roofing in Edmonton.

There you go! I hope the aforementioned tips come in handy when next you’re about to spend on roofing.