How to Organize Your Room in Easy Steps?


No one likes a messy room because doesn’t give you a feeling that you want at home specially in your room. A clean and organized room gives you the feeling of peace, happiness, content and satisfaction. It also shows how organized and sophisticated you are in your life. And for a married woman, its somehow an impactful thing for a happy married life.

Well today we are going to tell you how to clean your room and organize it, in easy steps. We’ll help in sorting out which room stuff you really need in your room and which things you must get rid of to make your room well organized and clean. Hope these tips will not just help you in cleaning and organizing your room but it will also motivate you because these are really some easy looking steps you can easily follow. More tips and tricks on how to clean room and how to organize your room, you can visit

1.    Start with Your Bed

The biggest thing your bedroom is your bed obviously and if you will clean and organize your bed, it will look like half of your bedroom is clean and organized because it’s the very first thing that anyone look at as he/she enters the bedroom.

So the very first step is to change the bedsheet and the pillow covers and cushions if these are dirty. Once you will replace the sheet and the pillow covers and will organize the bed, you will see that the look of the room is no more a messy one.After this simple step your motivation level will be high and so we can move to the next step.

2.    Collect the Trash

Now get a big trash bag and put it at a corner of the room and start looking around if you find any trash or something that you need to put in trash. There can be empty boxes of stuff you bought, the shopping bags, bottles, the tins, the papers and anything like that. Take all of such things and put them in the trash so that room may not look dirty anymore.

3.    Collect the Scattered Rooms Stuff

Normally collecting the scattered things and putting them back to the proper place can take a good time and it can be a tiring task. But here we have a tip for you so that this tiring task may become an easier one for you. Get some boxes – paper box, shopping bags or even the Tupperware from your kitchen. Label each box with a category name like Makeup, Stationery, Bathroom, Jewellery etc.

Now you have to wander in the room and have to collect the stuff that is scattered in the room and put them in the relevant box like if you nail polish or lips stick, put it in the makeup box. This trick will make this hectic job very easy and you can easily get scattered rooms stuff collected at one place and then you can easily arrange and organize them at their proper place later.

4.    Cleaning Room

Here in this step you are finally going to get the answer of your question, “How to clean your room?” because you already have collected and almost organized all the scattered rooms stuff that was giving a messy look.Now it’s time to actually clean your room.

Take a duster or some cloth and start cleaning the surfaces like dressing table, the drawers, study table etc. it will remove the dust from theses surfaces. If there are stains, you can make this cloth a little wet so that the stains may get cleaned. After you are done with the cleaning room, you can take a sigh of relief because now your room is not more dirty.

If you feel that the cleaning room process has made your carpets, rugs or floor of the room dusty and dirty, you can get it cleaned with vacuum cleaner, brush or mop as per room setting. It can make you a little tired so do take rest and drink some water or juice to get refreshed for the next and final step in order to clean your room and make it look well organized.

5.    Organize Rooms Stuff

In the last step you have to put rooms stuff collected in third step back in their proper places. It won’t be hard task as you can take one box at a time and put all the stuff back like books in the book rack, makeup stuff on the dressing table or makeup box etc.

So now, you might have found an easy way of how to clean your room in very easy to follow steps. Now you can’t say that cleaning my room is a hard task. You can easily clean your room whenever it gets messy.