5 Reasons Windows And Doors Transform Your Interior Design

5 Reasons Windows And Doors Transform Your Interior Design

When you think about interior design, you mostly focus on furniture, decor and paint. This is what most people do.

And while these are important, there are some elements that could make an even bigger difference in your home – windows and doors. From installing large, floor-to-ceiling windows, perfectly decorated steel doors or any combination of the two, you are building a unique space that everyone will admire.

With beautiful designs from Portella Steel Doors & Windows, we’ll show you just how big of a difference these can make.

They Let The Nature In

We are so often cut off from the nature in our homes. Stuck between four walls, we don’t get to enjoy the natural beauty of the area around us, no matter where we live. But, there is a perfect way to reconnect with nature and find room for it in your own home – installing large glass doors and steel windows.

These look amazing and create that unique feeling of your home being one with nature, instead of an intruder. This doesn’t only look beautiful, it can also bring many benefits to your mental health by bringing tranquility and serenity of greenery in your life. Your building will also look like a part of the nature and other design elements will stand out.

What better way to spruce up your interior and exterior design than to decorate with nature?

In this example, you can see how the building blended in with the vegetation perfectly, while also standing out because of it.

There’s Plenty Of Natural Light

People nowadays rely too much on artificial lighting. From desk lamps, lights and blue light our devices emit, we are addicted. Our eyes and overall health suffers because of it.

However, natural light filling your rooms through large glass doors and steel windows can really make a difference. Just look at this beautiful Portella designs.

See how the light naturally bathes the room?

It looks peaceful, calming and above all, it’s comfortable for your eyes. Whether you want to redesign your office building or your home, large windows can be the perfect answer. In an office building, natural light can be an excellent motivator, not to mention a safe haven for their eyes. Residential homes can also benefit from more natural light that will fit right in with any type of home.

They Can Improve Your Home Efficiency

Doors and windows are not just pretty – they have an even bigger value. While most people might redesign their home to improve the way it looks, you can go a step further and improve its efficiency.

Steel doors and windows are durable and extremely energy, efficient. They have the ability to intercept heat. This means that they will keep your home warm during cold, winter months and keep it cool when the heat starts.

Over time, the investment can pay off a few times over because of all the energy you would save.

Add Interesting Details

Many people don’t think that windows and doors are versatile. But they are wrong – windows and doors come in various shapes and sizes, with or without decor and with different placement.

For example, having a top window can make your home stand out. A majestic entrance with wide, glass and steel doors will impress anyone. Floor-to-ceiling windows can add some character to an otherwise minimalistic room.

In this home, you can see how beautiful an entrance door can look in combination with a top window. That blank space that usually just sits there awkwardly with homes that have a pitched roof is now a stylish detail that adds dimension and light to the space.

Spruce Up Your Interior and Exterior at The Same Time

Windows and doors have a unique ability to have multiple purposes. One of those dual purposes is improving your building’s exterior just as much as they improve your building’s interior.

This can help you solve the problem of deciding what to tackle first. With windows and doors, you can do it both.

For instance, look at this interior:

And then the same building from the outside:

Doesn’t it change both areas? The exterior of the building benefits just as much as the interior does.

When redesigning your residential home or building, it’s important to think beyond regular interior design items. Even though windows and doors play a major role in the overall look of your home, they often get overlooked. Change that by considering some of these fabulous designs that can breathe new life into your building.