Foam Mattresses- Things You Need to Know


Disturbed sleep can ruin your entire day. But, if you are having this problem kind of regular basis, you need to look for the reasons. Have you checked your mattress? Yes, your mattress can be a serious reason for your back pain, sleep deprivation, and bad mood. You can buy any types of bed, like single beds online, double bed, king-size bed, etc. but while buying a mattress, you have to be very careful.

A mattress should be comfortable enough and give you the best support while you sit on your bed and also sleep there. Foam mattresses are always one of the first choices while it comes to buy mattresses. But, foam is a broad category and you also need to know a bit details about foam mattresses before buying. Today, you will know about different types of foam mattresses and the benefits of those. Read on to know more-

Polyurethane Foam

This is commonly known as polyfoam or poly. This is one of the most common types of foam mattresses that you usually have in your house, hostel room, or at any relative’s place. While buying polyfoam mattresses, you need to concentrate more on the quality of foam than the density of it.


Buying a polyfoam mattress can be a great choice if you buy one of the top-quality. Such a mattress can serve you as follows-

  • It blocks dust mites and other types of allergens quite effectively
  • It helps to correct your spinal alignment
  • Liquids won’t damage the mattress if there are any unexpected spills

Memory Foam

Though there is not much difference between memory foam and polyfoam, the only difference is that there are lots of chemicals are used in such mattresses to increase the viscosity and density. Memory foam is of three types-

  • Traditional memory foam
  • Gel memory foam and
  • Open-cell memory foam


  • Traditional memory foam mattresses can reduce stress on your joints and give peaceful sleep
  • Heat retention system is of top-class in open-cell memory foam and protects your body to get too hot
  • Gel memory foam offers relief from chronic neck pain and back pain

Reflex Foam

This is high-density polyurethane foam which is popular for providing enough firmness. There are bubbles in reflex foam mattresses which work as per your body pressure. When the pressure is released, the foam bounces back and gets back to its previous position. That’s why it is also known as a reflex foam mattress.


  • Good for the patients of asthma as dust retaining capacity is high in such mattresses
  • If you don’t prefer to sink whenever you sit on your bed, you can buy a reflex foam mattress

So, here you get to know a bit more about foam mattresses. Apart from these major types, there are different other types of foam mattresses, like latex rubber foam, convoluted foam, evlon, and so on. Check out the characteristics of all these special types of mattresses and buy the one that suits you the most.