Dulux’s Colour of the Year 2020 – Tranquil Dawn – is here to blow your minds!


Paint brand Dulux has chosen a cool-tone shade of green as its Colour of the Year for 2020, which is intended to offer a remedy to an inexorably disengaged present day society. Dulux says that Tranquil Dawn encapsulates the country’s state of mind on the approach of another decade. It mirrors a developing want to comprehend what it is to be human when progresses in innovation are making us feel progressively detached from one another, said the brand. Let us see how our home interior would look like in 2020?

Green is the shade of life, of restoration, thriving, and amicability. In any case, it can likewise be a trump card with regards to enhancing and decorating your abode.

Coffee Tables

A green end table infuses an astounding energetic vitality that livens up the entire room. Pair it up with a sky blue setting and flower couch without conflicting with the customary components all through. Buy furniture online to get the most affordable and the designed furniture pieces on your door.

Patterned Couches

Try not to be reluctant to give a designed and patterned lounge chair a chance to become the dominant focal point in your parlour.

Striking Cabinets

Do you have a vacant, all-white passage or a staircase landing? Tidy up the space with a repurposed cabinet—paint it an exquisite shade of Tranquil Dawn!

Intriguing Bookshelves

A Tranquil Dawn bookshelf will make your room feel all the more inviting and will draw notice to the intriguing books’ arrangement and collectables on its racks.

Vivid Contrast for your rooms

Match your Tranquil Dawn shade with a luxury consumed orange velvet settee in the room for an increasingly vivid, robust atmosphere.

Cushion it everywhere!

For a room with a neutral palette, add Tranquil Dawn velvet cushions to your sofa and pair it up with a plush beige carpet, leading to a casual touch. Sepia toned artwork can also be used to accentuate the effect.

Voluminous Green

For a smaller room where much work cannot be done, paint the built-in cabinetry with a quieted shade of green that lights up the room. This would add volume to the room as well.

Paint those Walls!

Now and again, a new layer of paint is everything necessary to breathe life into a space. Choose Tranquil Dawn to paint over one section of the room and see it come to life.

Vintage Appeal!

Cover your walls and trim with rich green paint for a suave look. Add a shaft bed, furnished with a striped fleece cover, giving it a comfortable room-inside a-room feel, while botanical blinds offer delicate quality and protection.

Shades of Green

Transition between various shades of green to add a lively touch to your room. You can also pair it up with Moroccan clay tile.

Stripes are in!

If utilized horizontally on inclined walls, Tranquil Dawn’s striped backdrop owns a genuine expression in a little space.

Dining Room Contrast

Splendid green walls give a dining and lounge area a new, present day feeling. Seats shrouded in rich blue include differentiation and are also classy.