Things to consider for selecting the right paint for your home


Whether you are planning for a minor or major home remodeling project, painting is an integral part of it. Whenever we talk about paint, the color shade comes to our mind first because of its visibility. But perhaps more important is to consider the quality of paint and the job done that contributes to achieving your aesthetic goals by creating the right vibes that last long. Which type of paint you should use is most important, among many other factors. Regarding its selection, by matching your budget, you can consult a general contractor like EJD Construction.

The manner of use of the room, its location, the room size and the overall look that you intend to achieve are all crucial considerations. All these influences aspects like the sheen of the paint as well as saturation.

Sample the paint

All paints might look alike, but to know how it turns out, you must sample it to get the real feel. Collects a few samples and poster boards and apply each separately to examine the how easily it covers the area and spreads across it as well as how easy or difficult it is to pull out the pain after drying. Only when you test the paint that you will know how it appears. By sampling the color on a poster board, you can carry it to different places across the home to see how it looks in different lights against different furnishings.

Water-based paints

Since water-based paints are easy to use, most of the paints you see around are water-based. If you are using water-based paint on a wall already painted with oil-based paint, then you must first wash the surface and then use smooth or medium grit sandpaper to roughen the surface and then clean it and dry it before applying the water=based paint that will stick well and not peel off.  Not following the procedure will be a waste of money and effort as there would be problems with the color sticking to the surface.

Water-based paints have low VOCs of the level of toxic emissions and do not require any pre-treatment. It is quick-drying, easy to clean with water, does not allow mildew growth and suitable for all kinds of surfaces. Besides, the color is stable and does not fade on exposure to sunlight or overtime, besides being crack resistant. However, it is not as long-lasting as polyurethane paints and can peel off in damp conditions.

Oil-based paint

For rich-finish and high durability, you must use oil-based paint. But the paint is not washable with water and emits strong fumes during application because of higher VOC content. Turpentine is the preferred solvent used for cleaning brushes and accessories used during painting. The paint is suitable for moist environments, has high gloss but takes a longer time for drying. However, it produces a very smooth finish that has a luxurious appeal.

Oil-based paints are not at all environment-friendly, and the application process is messy too because it is not conducive for cleaning with water.