How to Remove Fog from Double Pane Windows? – DIY VS Professional Approach


To understand how to remove fog from double pane windows we should know their structure.  This article we devote to finding answers on how to defog double pane windows:  steps to be done by regular people comparing with actions that can be taken by Apex Window Werks professionals.  We will finally summarize if foggy window repair works solve the problem completely or, if in some cases, foggy glass replacement is still the only solution.

Window structure

There are two types of widely used structures:  single pane and double panes windows.  Both are a tight unit and differ only in the quantity of interconnected glasses.  The more air chambers have the window – the better sound isolation and heat insulation qualities it has.  Each air chamber is filled in with inert gas.  There is a desiccant material at the bottom of each chamber.  If the tightness of at least one chamber is disrupted, moisture will get inside.  When air temperature drops, moisture will condense on the surface of the glass – foggy windows.

Three main reasons can cause fogged window problem:

  • mechanical damage;
  • manufacturing defects (very low index, but still possible);
  • incorrect installation.

Once the window lost its hermetic abilities all technical characteristics will get worse.  Since windows is very valuable comfort zone of our residences, let’s keep them in good order!

How to clean fogged double pane windows – DIY approach

If the reason why the window lost its hermetic abilities is mechanical damage (some crack or little hole) you will surely need to organize its replacement.  However, while the new glass pane is being produced, one may apply transparent sealant, for example, silicone on the place of a damage.  This will reduce the heat waste and keep the glass at least in a current condition.

Another more commonly met window defogging route is to drill two holes in the window frames:  one from inside part and the second from the outside part of the frame.  This will cause ventilation to already damaged frame.  To unfog the windows you may need to use a hair drier, by putting it close to the lower hole.  Once the fog is out a transparent sealant should be applied to newly created holes to protect the structure from extra moisture.

Both described solutions on how to unfog windows are questionable and even if successful, will fix foggy windows for short term.  If water has already appeared inside the double pane glass, then the only effective solution is to replace the glass packet.  Apex Window Werks technicians consider this as a simple task, since it does not require the dismantling of the window frame.

How to get rid of foggy windows – professional approach

People usually search for cost effective solutions and sometimes think that can do a better job than some technicians do.  It is not usually true.  Apex Window Werks managers will offer worthy window stop condensation solution and will get the fog out for you.

Once condensation occurred it is clear that the construction has lost its tightness.  It is impossible to fix the problem yourself in a safe manner and necessary to replace the pane.  If foggy windows appeared immediately after installation, since they are under guarantee, it is better to call for responsible company immediately.  This might be manufacturing defect problem.

If you require foggy glass replacement within the years after installation – than we might think about incorrect installation.  Replacement is being done in following order:

  • technician comes to measure the sizes of glass unit for replacement;
  • new construction manufacturing process;
  • dismantle works;
  • installation of a new pane.

It will take about half an hour for a professional to replace the glass unit.  First of all, it is necessary to dismantle an old double-glazed window with the help of rubber hammer and chisel.  The chisel is placed between the window frame and the glazing bead and with the help of the hammer it moves back.  One should remove the glazing bead from the center and move towards the corners. First, vertical long glazing beads are removed, then the lower horizontal glazing beads and last – the upper glazing beads. When removing glazing beads, it is important to hold the glass packet with rubber suction cups. For safety reasons, the work is usually done by two people.

Now it is time to install a new glass unit.  First of all, it is important to clean all the debris before installation.  A new double-glazed window is to be placed on the linings to make it in the center.  Technicians than just need to fix the glazing beads and the window is ready. Installation of glazing beads takes place in the reverse order: first install the upper horizontal glazing bead, then the lower and side vertical. When the glazing bead takes its place, you will hear a specific click. Once all is done, there is no need for additional sealing.

The process of windows defogging is complicated, unsafe and should be done by professionals.  DIY approach is possible, but it can only solve the problem for the short term.  Only Apex Window Werks professionals can really get the fog out.  Come in touch with us today and we will urgently solve your problem to make your vision through windows clear and lives – comfortable.