20 Aesthetic Bedroom Decors: Create Your Own Comfort Feeling


roohome.com – The bedroom is an important room in the house. This is where you will rest to refresh your body and mind. A comfortable bedroom will make your rest time more quality. And, creating a comfortable bedroom according to what you want is not difficult. You just need to make the appearance aesthetic. Beauty and comfort must be in harmony. Some decoration is needed here. However, more references are needed regarding bedroom decoration so that there are no mistakes in decorating which can disrupt the beauty and comfort of the room itself. And, in this article, we have provided 20 Aesthetic Bedroom Decors for those of you who want to Create Your Own Comfort Feeling. So, let’s check it out!

1. Calm Hues

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Color selection is the first step in decorating a room, including the bedroom. The color you choose will determine the appearance and ambiance of the room itself. And, for a comfortable bedroom with complete tranquility, we recommend you choose calm hues. Beige, white, great, and ivory white can be the mainstay colors for your bedroom.

However, avoid the appearance of a dark room. Keep your bedroom bright by making white the dominant color. A bedroom with a bright appearance will go a long way in making it feel more spacious. And, this is the first of 20 Aesthetic Bedroom Decors you can choose and follow.

2. String Light as Final Decoration

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If you have decorated the room as well as possible but there is still something empty and less attractive, then give it a touch by bringing in additional lights such as string lights. This can be used as a final decoration for your bedroom. Make this lamp stand out in the bedroom by installing it in the bed area. The lighting from the string lights also has an effect on the atmosphere in your bed area. It makes the bed cozier. Especially for yellow lighting which creates warmth and calm in the bed area. Besides that, you can also use the string light as a night light.

3. Freshen Up The Room with Plants

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Bringing freshness into your bedroom can increase comfort there. No need to overdo it. Make this all simpler for a sweeter, minimalist, and calm look. Avoid using large plants because they can take up a lot of space in the bedroom. So, use small plants in several quantities. 3-4 is enough to freshen up your restroom.

Because of their small size, the spot for placing these plants must be considered carefully. Place plants in visible spots such as the bedside table and the floating wall shelf. This is the next of 20 Aesthetic Bedroom Decors you can apply to your room.

4. Playing with Natural Materials

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Play with natural materials to bring a natural feel into the room. Natural nuances will make the bedroom fresher and full of calm. Some materials can also bring warmth, such as wood and rattan, so the bedroom will feel more comfortable.

Choose a wooden floor for the bed. Expand the natural materials in the room by choosing a wooden bedframe, bedside table, and a floating wall shelf. Decorate your bedroom by hanging two rattan pendant lamps on the right and left sides of your bed. And lastly, make it perfect by presenting a wicker chair and wicker carpet for the bedroom.

5. Pampas Grass and Round Mirror are Great Decorations

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The cupboard in the bedroom can be used as an interesting spot. And, it is not difficult to do so. You just need to focus on decorating the cupboard with some beautiful displays. However, also pay attention to the display you choose. Make sure the display has the same color as the bedroom interior. That way, harmony in the appearance of the room can be maintained properly.

If you want to be consistent with the warm tone, pampas grass is a great decoration for the cupboard. Place the pampas grass in a small white vase and place it on the right or left side of the cupboard. For the middle part, you can fill it with a round mirror with a wooden frame. Hanging a mirror or just leaning it against the wall is up to you. Both can give an aesthetic impression to your bedroom.

6. Standing Mirror

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Standing mirror is the next of 20 Aesthetic Bedroom Decors. Indeed, mirrors are a mandatory item for the bedroom. This item functions to help you see your outfit of the day or just apply makeup on your face. However, the many designs available make mirrors a display piece that helps to increase the beauty and aesthetic value of a room.

A standing mirror with an oval top displays curved lines that cover the firm lines in the room. With this, the impression of the room becomes softer. Placing a standing mirror is also quite easy, you only need to lean it against the wall of the room. You can also put it in the corner of the room to cover the perpendicular lines there. This will really help to make the room feel more spacious.

7. Hanging Chair as a Cozy Spot

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If there is still more space in your private room, then make it a cozy spot. Hang a hanging chair there. It would be better to leave a spot exposed to natural light. That way, you can make the hanging chair a cozy spot for reading.

Make the hanging chair in the bedroom comfortable by adding a seat cushion. You can also make it warm by adding a blanket there. And, don’t forget to use a throw pillow in the same color as the seat cushion or blanket. With this, the hanging chair not only becomes a cozy spot in the bedroom but also a decoration that increases the beauty of this room.

8. Present a Cloudless Feeling

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If you are bored with neutral colors like beige, gray, and white, then switch to other colors instead of making your bedroom a room that does not make you feel comfortable. This is the next of 20 Aesthetic Bedroom Decors you can follow. However, keep neutral colors such as white and beige as the main colors. And, present bright colors such as pastels as additional or accent colors. You can apply this color to the bedding, pillow sheets, and other decorations. These colors work really well in bringing a cloudless ambiance into the bedroom.

9. Large Round Mirror with White LED

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The empty wall in the bedroom is filled with a large round mirror. There is a hanging vanity which makes it a beautiful place to do your makeup and does not take up too much space. The mirror not only functions to reflect shadows but also gives an attractive impression to the room. A simple concept room looks smoother with the presence of curved lines from the round mirror.

There is an LED light installed behind the mirror. So, even though the mirror does not have a frame, the light from the LED light that follows the line of the mirror acts as a barrier between the mirror and the wall. LED light with white light is perfect for this shady bedroom. White light makes the room bright but does not disturb the tranquility of the room itself.

10. Synthetic Vines

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This small bedroom is deliberately made simple by only relying on the items needed. That way, more space will be available so the room feels more spacious. The wall area is really utilized very well. Floating wall shelves store several displays that make the room aesthetic. Also, there are vines that fill the upper walls. Its application that is not excessive really maintains a minimalist impression in the room. The synthetic vines provide a green color to the room which is not only refreshing but also makes the room feel more alive. And, this is the next of 20 Aesthetic Bedroom Decors.

11. Polygon Floating Shelves

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Rely on the wall area as an interesting spot in your room. Use floating wall shelves as a place to put some interesting displays. Polygon floating wall shelves could be an option. It will give a different look to the wall of the bedroom. And, there, you can put the displays that you want to present in your private room. Bring in small plants that can refresh the appearance and atmosphere of the bedroom. Also, you can put some other displays such as books, jugs, and so on.

12. Utilize The Corner Room as Cozy Reading Nook

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You can use the empty corner of your favorite bedroom as an attractive and cozy spot for you to relax. Making this corner of the room a cozy reading nook is an interesting idea that you can try. You can decorate it in a simpler way. Instead of using a lounge or chair, you can use a swing chair. Fill the swing chair with seat cushions, blankets, and throw pillows. These become the decorations that not only make the corner of the room seem pretty but also become cozier. Also, add a more dramatic look by relying on string lights. Choose calmer, warmer lighting such as yellow lighting.

13. Aesthetic Cacti Plants

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The standing mirror in the bedroom not only functions as an item to see your look but also as a decoration that makes the bedroom look aesthetic and beautiful. With string lights on the sides of the mirror, it makes the look more adorable. And, there is a cactus plant that accompanies the mirror. The simple shape is very suitable for this minimalist bedroom.

The green color from the cacti plant looks very clear in the white concept bedroom. It really helps in giving a freshness into the room. Also, the cacti look so aesthetic with the string lights wrapped around them.

14. Bed on The Floor Style

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For an aesthetic and comfortable room, try to be brave in eliminating the use of bed frames. Do bed on the floor style. Try not to place the bed in the middle of the room. Place your bed in an area adjacent to a window. Apart from being exposed to morning sunlight, you also see the view better from bed.

The black bedding is good for the bed on the floor style. It gives a firm impression and indicates that this is a bed. You can also add a carpet before placing your bed. A gray rug is a good choice. The combination of gray, white, and black can make the look of the room become natural.

15. Dream Catcher

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The next of 20 Aesthetic Bedroom Decors is a dream catcher. This decoration not only gives an attractive impression to the appearance of the room. Dream catchers are believed to be able to filter out bad dreams. So, when you sleep, you will only be filled with beautiful dreams which will make your sleep sounder and of higher quality.

You can hang the dream catcher anywhere. You can hang it in the middle of the room. However, it would be nice to hang this item in the window area. So, anything that comes in through the window will be filtered first through the dream catcher.

16. Provide Warm Lighting

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Playing with lighting is the easiest way to make a bedroom look beautiful and comfortable. The warm light can be used as an option. Yellow lighting will bring warmth and calm to the room. Moreover, if your room has a shady appearance. The ambiance can be full of a sense of calm that can make you feel comfortable in the bedroom for 24 hours.

Provide yellow lighting in several spots. Hang the string lights on the walls and windows. For another side, you can rely on the pendant lamps. Rattan pendant lamps are a great choice. And, for the table or the floor, you can use lanterns filled with candles. It’s a really good way to make the look of your lovely room more adorable and aesthetic.

17. Do Layered Bedding

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Do layered bedding is the next of 20 Aesthetic Bedroom Decors. The bed is the main spot in the bedroom. So, the appearance has a big influence on the appearance and comfort of the room.

Layered bedding can create a warm impression in your bedroom. With this, layered bedding is most appropriate when autumn and winter come. The air that enters through the gap in the window will not overpower the warmth of your bed.

Use bedding and blankets in different colors. Choose white bedding for a natural and bright bedroom look. For the blanket, choose the dark one such as dark brown and black. Then, add several throw pillows in the shape of pumpkins if the season is autumn.

18. Pink as an Accent

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For those of you who want to make your bedroom look feminine, cozy, and pretty, then decorating it with pink is the right choice. Keep white as the main color to keep the appearance bright. And, pink as an accent for the bedroom. Present pink scattered. So, even though the amount of pink in the room is very small, it can stand out.

Make the pink color more vibrant in the bedroom by using string lights. Blue and yellow lighting is most appropriate. It not only gives a warm feel but also calm and warmth in the room.

19. Enhance Vines on The Wall

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The white-painted walls make the green color of the vines stand out on the wall. The green color looks fresher which is very good for the ambiance and the look of the bedroom itself. Even though this is a synthetic vine, it can still provide freshness to your favorite room.

Make the vines on the whitewashed wall look more dramatic and charming. You only need to rely on a string light with white lighting. Hang string lights to match the vines. It will look twinkling on the wall. So, when the main lights are turned off, you can see how beautiful and dramatic the walls in your bedroom are.

20. Show Off Your Creativity on The Wall

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This is the last of 20 Aesthetic Bedroom Decorations. To make your bedroom look pretty, you don’t need expensive decorations. Here, you can depend on your creativity. For the budget, of course, it is much more economical. For those of you who like painting, taking photos, and drawing, then take advantage of your hobby or talent to change your bedroom to be more beautiful. A beautiful bedroom will make you feel more comfortable there.

Just stick your work on a plain wall in the bedroom. Choose an empty wall so that your work can be seen well there.

Final Words

Decorating the bedroom must be done well. Decoration will determine the beauty of your bedroom. And, a beautiful bedroom will give you a sense of comfort. So, to create your own feeling in the bedroom, make sure you decorate it according to your characteristics. Also pay attention to the interior, area, and concept of your room. The decoration that you present in the bedroom must match the color of the interior. That way, the harmonious appearance of the room can be maintained very well. So, good luck!