Led Strip Replacement Guide – How to Remove Led Strips and Save


Living in rented accommodation is not easy because it’s very challenging not to spoil the walls.  No matter how careful you are but you tend to spoil the wall. You will be aware of the fact that the landlord will deduct the money from your deposit if you leave the whole chips or cracks in the house. If you want to secure your money this article has got you covered. Know how to remove led strips without damaging the walls. How exciting does it sound how to not feel restricted and also perform customizations according to a need. You can get your desired results by opting for a viable solution like getting led strip lighting. You will not agree more that led strip lighting provides a powerful solution for transforming your room and making it much more customized. These led strip lightings have a semi-permanent nature which means they can be easily removed when your work is done.

Factors affecting the damage

Know that led strips light will not damage the wall but it also depends on several factors. One such factor is the strength of its adhesiveness and the other is the durability of the wallpaper. You need to keep in mind the duration for how long you will be applying the led strip lights over the paint. Moreover, the climate can also impact the bond of led strips and the surface to which it is attached to.

Types of led strip lighting

You are confused about which type of led strip lighting has the potential to damage the wall paint then the guide below will briefly detail you with the information. You need to question which adhesive material is used on led strip lights. If you have no idea then know that the single color, multicolor 10, or 1m all have the same 3m adhesiveness. If you have no clue what 3m adhesiveness is then these types of tapes are the most durable tape in the market. Such types of tapes are made from high-performance acrylic. This acrylic behaves as both like an elastic solid and like a viscous liquid.

Surfaces for led strip lighting

If you will be going for the durable led strip lighting then they are easy to fix. But you will notice that over time it will lose its effectiveness and stickiness. You will find them causing problems especially if applied to oil your glossy surfaces. They are not even the ideal choice for moisture and humidity and that is why people take the case in their own hands and apply the adhesiveness to the led strip light making the damage. People will try out several ideas like applying led strip light with foam tape, glue dots, hot glue, and other types of gorilla tape which has the potential of damaging the wall.

Removing the led strip lighting

As far as removing the led strips concerned that it depends on the surface to surface. On wooden or tiled walls you will have no problem in stripping the led light. But as far as the bear drywall is concerned or a wall coated with paint then these are prone to damage. Thus you will have to wipe clean the residue.