How To Organize And Clean Your Refrigerator


A refrigerator is like home for your food and it is the only reason that we have to organize and clean the fridge properly. It also makes cooking and meal planning a bit easier.

Cleaning and organizing fridge is often forgotten and in the meanwhile accumulation of spills and drips takes place.

You can save time on shopping for grocery by listing down all the missing items. And you can list down all the missing item easily if the fridge is properly organized.

Yeah, it’s true, at least for the sake of food safety cleaning the refrigerator is must in every season. As the accumulation of bacteria starts then your fridge begins to consume more electricity and lifespan decreases.

Cleaning the refrigerator may not be the most exciting work in your to-do list but it will be  worth at the end. Try to make it as painless as possible.

Have you ever thought of how to correctly clean refrigerator properly? Then follow this step by step guide to walk you through the process of deep cleaning the refrigerator both inside and outside.

Steps To Clean The Fridge

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Plan And Prepare Yourself

If the fridge is less than half then its pretty easy to complete cleaning so dedicate at least three hours for cleaning. Collect all the items needed to start the work like containers and bags to hold food items, cleaning rag, a small scrub brush.

Empty the fridge.

Set two different areas separately for setting items down. One area to keep things that need to be cleaned out. And others to put things back into the fridge. At last separate all the things that’s need to be discarded.

Start Removing Drawers And Shelves.

All the latest refrigerators have removable shelves and drawers to easily remove and clean it with the scrub bath.

Don’t try to clean it with dishwashers as most of it doesn’t fit inside. Instead, take a brush and start removing items with the hand.

Never wash the cold glass with hot water as it may shatter to pieces. For heavy spills, you can use hot water diluted with ammonia to thoroughly clean.

Wipe The Inside Of Refrigerator With a Cleaning Solution

You probably don’t want to use strongly scented soap to filter foul smell. As the food absorbs the smell and starts losing its freshness.

For really strong stains, try using a white toothpaste as it serves as an abrasive cleaner and reduces foul smell.

Clean Gasket Using Vinegar And Water Solution

Gaskets are responsible for the entry of external air and foreign bodies inside the fridge. Meanwhile, they are susceptible to dust, dirt and debris accumulation on the door edge.

Wear latex gloves and stir with the small scrub brush. Apply the mixture to the rubber gasket and scrub vigorously to remove the build-up. They need regular cleaning and refreshing as they tend to become hard over time.

Tips To Organize The Refrigerator

Don’t Overfill The Fridge

You may forget old foods, air vents may get blocked, uniform cooling stops when the fridge is overfilled.

If the fridge is nearly empty, consider keeping water bottles which can be chilled and helps the appliance to maintain cold temperatures. Always organize two-thirds of the fridge to aim higher energy efficiency.

Avoid Keeping Pre-Cut Vegetables And Fruits

Many recommend to wash and cut vegetables before storing it in the fridge to enjoy healthy snacking. Chopped vegetables will deteriorate faster because more surface area is exposed.

Better cut it just before consuming the fruits and vegetables.

Store Meat On The Lower Shelf

Meat can get spoiled quickly if you store it on the upper shelves. It has to be wrapped in plastic and stored separately on the lower shelf.

Clean the meat stored area more often as liquid stains can emit a foul smell. Try to make things easier and take it as a fun challenge.

Keep Perishable Food At The Front

“Something which is out of sight will be out of mind” what a beautiful saying. So try keeping fruits and food that is likely to get decayed at the front to avoid its wastage.

Also, keep snacks with the fruits for kids so that they can eat both and finish at the same time.

Don’t Do The Mistake Of Storing Milk In The Door

Warm spots in the fridge are near the door and upper shelves. Since milk is liable to get spoiled easily, it should be in the middle shelf to enjoy consistent temperature.

Same goes with eggs, as many tend to keep them in the door. Try keeping condiments, spices and masala powders near the door. Reserve snacks and leftovers on the upper shelves.

Disorganized Fridge Leads To Food Wastage

From the sources, 31-40% of American food is wasted and it equals to 161 billion of money being wasted. So it’s one’s responsibility to avoid this and start seeing the mistakes in organizing the food.

Keep the removable container at the corner on the upper shelves and label it as “EAT ME FIRST”. Try different ideas of your own and be wise in handling the food wastage.

Buy More Organic Food

Although it is not the tip on organizing food in the fridge it is crucial to look after our health. Consuming junky food can lead to various body problems, so prefer eating organic food over inorganic ones.

Even though organic food has a shorter lifespan but they are safe to eat and chemical-free. With proper storage and clean, it’s life span can be increased easily.


Convert this daunting task into more fun and follow all the above steps to understand the do’s and don’ts while cleaning and organizing the refrigerator. Choose the energy-efficient fridge to get all the latest features and technologies for maximizing the cooling of food.  click here to select the latest refrigerator in the market.