How To Get Air Conditioner Repair Services in Camp Hill


Air conditioners are a set of appliances that no homeowner can do without. They help to keep the house cool on hot summer days. Ownership of ACs as these appliances are also called comes with the responsibility of proper maintenance.

Every homeowner who seeks to maintain the value of their home knows the importance of maintaining their cooling units. Some people do it themselves while others contract professionals.

In a place like Camp Hill PA, where the summer days are quite hot, you shouldn’t be caught without the contact details of reliable professionals. This is because home appliances can be unpredictable. They may just pack up on you without notice and if this happens, you need quick response for repairs.

How To Know That Your AC Unit Is Faulty

Like we mentioned earlier, there’s no level of maintenance that you can do on your AC that would make it last forever. A time would come when it would need repairs and the following are the signs it would give:-

It Starts Blowing Warm Air

AC units are supposed to remove the stale air from a room/space and replace with cool air. But when it begins to blow out warm air instead of cool, then that is an indication that something is wrong.

First of all, check the thermostat to ensure that it is on the cooling mode. If it is, set it to a temperature that’s lower than the present temperature in your house. If the AC still continues emitting warm air then it might be there is airflow restriction or that the compressor has issues.

Inadequate Airflow

Poor/improper airflow is a sure sign that there’s something wrong with the cooling unit. It may also be that something is blocking the ductwork. It could also either be a broken motor, a blocked filter or something else.

Inability to Regulate Humidity Levels In The Home

It is expected that spring and summer would be sticky but that is why we have ACs; to regulate the humidity levels. When your cooling unit stops regulating the moisture levels in your home and can’t keep it comfortable, you need an expert.

The expert would evaluate the cooling system to diagnose whether it needs re-calibration. On the other hand, they might recommend that you get a humidifier for the whole house

Water Leaks

Every air conditioner depends on refrigerants to work well and keep the home cool. The operation of the refrigerants may cause condensation. These liquids however should not pool or leak into the wall.

When you see water marks around the AC area, it is an indication that the unit is not working well. It is best to treat the issue immediately as leaks can cause unexpected damage to your home.

Unusual Noise

Every home appliance including ACs has a peculiar noise that they make when they start up, are in operation or shut down. But when you notice unusual noise coming from the unit then it means that something is wrong with it.

A buzzing or rattling noise may mean that there’s something loose in the unit while a grinding noise may indicate a more serious issue.

Bad Smell Coming From The Unit

Once you notice that a bad smell is coming from your air conditioner, it’s time for a general servicing to ensure that all is well with the unit.

Generally, if you are observant, you would notice when your cooling system is not working as usual. And if you have carried out some routine DIY maintenance and the problem persists, then you definitely need a professional to carry our repair services. Check out this article for some DIY maintenance tips

Benefits of Hiring Experts To Repair Your AC

Now that you know the signs that indicate that your air con needs repairs, some weekend warriors may prefer to DIY. But the fact is that it is more beneficial to use the services of professionals. Here’s a summary of some of these benefits:-

They Have The Required Training and Certificates/ions

These professionals must go through the required training before they can be certified. They are then given the license to practise by the relevant authorities.

What this means is that anyone that has this government /regulatory body certification is duly trained. Additionally, reputable HVAC companies ensure that their staff go through regular trainings even after their certification. So you can rest assured that your appliance is in the hands of people who know what they are doing.

In-depth Knowledge of Cooling System

In the course of their training, these professionals acquire in depth knowledge of different types of AC units and other HVAC systems. Some of them go ahead to specialize in a few brands. This gives you the advantage of having someone who doesn’t need trial and error to know what’s wrong with your system.

Some folks may think that they have been charged so much and decide to DIY. Well, you may find out that what you did was a case of ‘penny wise, pound foolish’.

Guaranteed Safety

When you entrust the repair of your AC and indeed other electronics in the home to professionals, you guarantee safety. Safety in this regard means that they know all the safety rules and precautions to be taken in such ventures.

They know how to handle electrical wirings in such a way that there would be no danger of fire outbreaks later on.  They would also couple back every part in the right way so as to avoid a malfunction of the appliance at a later date.

It is best not to mess with appliances that you are not trained to handle; rather leave AC repair services to the experts.


Air conditioners would break down at one point or the other no matter how well they are maintained. It is for this reason that the services of HVAC or AC repair professionals are needed.

We have discussed how to know when your air conditioners need repair and the benefit of using expert services.  We believe that the information shared is useful for every homeowner.