5 Effective Ways to Cool a Room Without AC


Here are a few cost-effective tips to help you keep your home cool without AC in summers and save on your energy consumption bills.

When the winter season is at its end, the temperature is expected to rise up. The hot air gets inside your home, and you need some cooling appliances to make your room area colder. Many tend to look for air conditioners, but this makes your electric bills shoot up! You can avoid this and save the money!

Just follow these five ways to make your home cooler in summers and easy on the pockets (without the use of an air conditioner—yes it’s true).

Keep the drapes closed in the day and let the night draft in

Closing your curtains during the daytime can definitely help you block direct sun rays from entering your room. This will help you cool down your space. Try to use dark shade curtains for windows and doors, as they block the heat and keep the room cool.

If your room has a lot of open spaces, make sure you properly close them, such as windows, doors, and other openings. If there are some other rooms that you don’t use regularly, you can keep those rooms closed so as to avoid the cold air flow into the empty spaces in those unused or extra rooms.

Also, make sure you open the windows and inside doors after the sunset hours. Because at night, the cool breeze can help fill the home with freshness.

Most people have already installed the fans in both their bathrooms and kitchens. They definitely will help to reduce the heat from the living space.

Sleep on the Ground, Floor, or in the Basement

As you know, the air is less hot on the ground than at the ceiling. Hence, you can take advantage and set up your sleeping place on the ground to beat the heat. For a multi-floor house, it is recommended to sleep in the basement area.

Sleeping on the floor is an efficient method to feel fresher through the hot season.

Upgrade the LED System

Another trick to make the house cooler is to change all the electric lamps. They are not too effective and produce the extra warmth, which might be unpleasant during summer time. Don’t forget to keep all electronic devices switched off while you are not using them. It’s best to replace regular lamps with LED lamps. They will consume less energy and make the personal space not so heated.

If you are not able to replace all the lights in your home, just keep your lights turned off, open the blinds or curtains a little, and let the natural daylight shine in your rooms. Also, there are several appliances in your home, like TVs and computers, that are the major reason for rising humidity, causing the room temperature to go up. You can minimize the use of such devices in order to make your place cooler.

Bring the Nature In

This is one of the great ways for the most common question – “How to cool a room without AC?”

This method is very easy, cost-effective, and quick to implement and helps the environment, too. Yes, if you have plants (like aloe, cacti, or bromeliads) and any greenery that doesn’t require frequent watering, they can help you decrease the humidity from the air and block direct sunlight.

Not only does planting trees in the interior help keep your home environment less hot, but having them outside the home can provide shade and get rid of heat from the internal air by slowly evaporating water.

An Alternative to AC

Installing AC in your room and paying the bills is expensive. Chilling your home is the main concern these days because of rising temperatures. And luckily, there is a cost-effective way to make your home cooler naturally under your budget!

As a personal evaporative air cooler, Evapolar is an alternative to air conditioners. It works and minimizes the room temperature up to 17 degrees. Let’s understand how it works and what are the offered benefits.

How Does It work?

Evapolar devices use the most updated evaBreeze technology. All you need is to just fill the tank with water and turn on its switch. The cartridge will start functioning by absorbing the water particles and evenly spreading them through the cooling pads. Then the process of evaporation takes place, which causes the air temperature to minimize while saturating it with water.


  • Consumes less energy and saves you money;
  • Purifies and humidifies the air;
  • Doesn’t require installation;
  • Portable and safe to use.

Who Should Use Evapolar?

  • If you are a tenant;
  • Have lots of rooms in your home and it is expensive to install AC in all rooms;
  • Those who are allergic to AC.

Buy a Portable Evaporative Air Cooler

Whether you want to experience the coolness at your personal space or cut down on huge bills on expensive air conditioner devices, Evapolar is a great fit.

Everyone today must cooperate in the consumption of energy and save the environment. And one way of doing this is to eliminate the use of air conditioning in your house. With Evapolar, you are lending a hand in protecting the global warming issue and simultaneously protecting your and your family’s health.

Last but not the least, selecting the right air cooling unit is what matters when it comes to saving money on AC and safeguarding nature and your health.

Buy the portable and energy efficient evaporative cooler today and cool down your small room.