Here’s How to Pick the Perfect Pots for Your Plants


Whether you’re a new plant parent or a seasoned plant mom, repotting can be a bit of a hassle. Especially if you don’t have the right pots. That’s why diving into the repotting phase of your plant parenting, make sure that you got the right pots that your plants rightfully deserve.

In this piece, we’re sowing some seeds of knowledge about how you can pick the best pots for your plants. Keep in mind that these are general rules of thumb in repotting. But you are welcome to experiment on your own on what works for your plant babies.

First up!

1. Size is always a big factor

The major reason why you’re repotting your plant baby is that the current pot cannot accommodate your growing plant anymore. That’s why it only makes sense if you’ll buy a pot that will give your plant babies some room to grow more.

When looking for a pot, choose the ones that are larger than the root system of your plant. Make sure that the pots are an inch wider. This is enough margin for the plants to grow.

But if you’re nursing a plant that grows rapidly, it’s better if you buy pots that are 4 inches wider than the plants.

2. Choose what pot materials will work best for you

Pots are not created equal. Different materials are used to manufacture pots namely, plastic, ceramic, red clay and baskets.

Although these materials vary mostly on aesthetics, you must still learn the difference of each material so you’ll know what will suit your home garden.

These materials are not hard to find at all. You could buy them in your local gardening shops or online.

Plastic Pots

The unique selling point of plastic pots is that they’re relatively cheaper and lighter than other materials. Also, they’re durable, and they’re easy to arrange in your garden since they’re not that heavy.

They also come in different colours! If you’re setting up a vibrant and lively garden, opt for plastic pots which you can buy in local flower and garden shops that offer same day flower delivery.

Terracotta Pots

Terracotta pots or red clay pots are one of the most popular materials there is. They are perfect for plants that are drought-tolerant like succulents and cacti.

Ceramic Pots

If you’re gunning for a more elegant or posh garden, ceramic pots will certainly give you that look and feel. Another good thing about ceramic pots is that they are more flexible when it comes to their elegant designs.

The downside is that they are much heavier than the materials listed above. Not only that, but they also come in heftier price tags. So if you think these ceramic pots are way out of budget, don’t force yourself into buying one. Besides, there cheaper options available out there.

But if money is the least of your problems, go hoard a ton of these ceramic pots!

Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets are perfect for indoor gardens, especially in bedrooms and living spaces. If you want your room to look chic and fresh, then hanging baskets are the best ways to go.

Just be careful not to put an object under the baskets to avoid any damage brought by the water that might drip from the baskets.

If you already know the size that your plant babies need and the materials that will suit your style and budget, all that’s left to do is to hoard them all! You can visit your local nursery gardens or browse online for the pots that you need. Happy repotting!