Types of Pizza Ovens


When shopping for a pizza oven, you cannot walk in a shop and ask for “just any pizza oven”. You have to be specific on the type of oven that you want would like to buy.

You will be spoilt for choice as there are various types of pizza ovens to choose from.

This article will cover the various types of pizza ovens and many more.

Basic types of pizza ovens

The following are the commonly used types of pizza ovens that will not be a letdown for you.

1. Freestanding pizza ovens

This mostly occupies large spaces in the garden. It is either charcoal-fueled or wood-fired hence a lot of skill is required when maintaining cooking temperatures.

According to your preference, you can purchase already made models or buy a set to build on your own.

2. Barbeque-top pizza ovens

It is a user-friendly and simple pizza oven. You will use the heat that is coming from underneath when heating up your pizza. Ensure that your grill is accommodative enough for one big pizza.

It is important to note that this oven takes more time to cook when compared to the others.

3. Portable pizza oven

This is the most known of all the other types. You can carry it from one place to another with a lot of ease. It can cook pizza in a time of two minutes.

Wood, gas and charcoal-fuel types of pizza ovens are all available in different outlets.

Accessories in a pizza oven

There are certain things that a pizza oven must have in order to operate. These are a pizza peel and pizza stone.

  • Pizza Peel

It is a paddle made from metal or wood. The paddles are used to place the pizza in the oven. It also rotates the pizza when cooking.

Non-stick or perforated one as known to be the best because the pizza dough can be stuck to the paddle.

  • Pizza Stone

This is a removable setup where by you place the pizza on to when cooking. Ensure that the cooking area surfaces are well integrated before purchasing a pizza oven.

Before buying the oven ensure that it has the two accessories especially the paddle. In some instances, the accessories are sold separately from the oven and you will have to part with extra coins.

Pricing element

The pricing of these pizza ovens vary depending of the sizes and the type that you settle for. You will use around £200 to £300 for portable pizza ovens.

Barbeque-top pizza ovens are usually considered to be the most affordable. They go for as low as £100. The freestanding pizza ovens are very expensive. They can cost you as much as £5,999.


This information will be a great guide when buying a pizza oven. You will know what suits your preference and run with it. You do not have to dig deep in to your pockets when buying one as the prices are varying.