Simple Wall Art Ideas to Spruce Up Any Space


Designing a space in your home doesn’t need to feel overwhelming. In fact, it can be an exciting process if you’re up for a little creative thinking. From incorporating personal mementos and found objects you’ve collected over the years, to creating a diy project and a splash of paint in your favorite color, creating a comfortable and luxurious atmosphere can transform your rooms from just a place to hang your hat to a highly personalized home you love to spend time in.

Colorful Canvas

One of the simplest DIY wall art ideas to incorporate into your home decor plan is a color canvas. You can make one of these splashy and personalized art pieces yourself with a quick trip to the stationery store. Grab a blank canvas, some paint in your favorite colors and get to work. You’ll be stunned at how the variety of colors embellish your walls.


Display your collections

Are you a collector? Is there a small trinket that you keep your eyes open for everytime you pass a garage sale or a thrift shop? If you have a habit of collecting beautiful tea cups, old harmonicas, or vintage spoons, show them off! Use your wall space to showcase your finds and hang them on the wall. You’ll not only free up some closet space, but now your friends and family can enjoy your hard work as well.

Found objects

Speaking of collecting, even if you don’t have a specific thing you like to collect in multiples, there are probably a few items you have tucked away in a closet that bring you joy. Maybe you picked it up because you like the color or the shape, or it’s something that reminds you of something similar your grandma had and it reminds you of her. Maybe you have a special set of saké cups you love, or a vintage pharmacy bottle, or a doll from your childhood that’s just collecting dust in a shoe box.

Grab yourself a simple shelf and create a small display of your prized possessions. Experiment with stacking them in different ways until the combination feels just right. If you have too many things to display at once, make it a fun habit to change up your display every few months. It will keep your walls interesting and turn them into a living expression of your personality.

Maps of your favorite cities

If traveling is important to you, look to incorporate colorful maps of your favorite places by hanging them across the wall in your bedroom. Try creating a gallery wall that includes your hometown, where you went to school, your favorite sunny destinations, where you met your significant other and all the places that make up your unique story.

Floral Wall Art

If you’re looking to brighten up an otherwise dull space in your home? Fill your house with floral decor that will keep radiating the beauty of flowers every time you pass by. For a decor solution that won’t wilt and will stay in full bloom even in the winter, look for vintage prints of beautiful botanicals that you can frame.


If you’ve recently moved into a new home, or just never got around to decorating and now you’re tired of your blank walls, no need to feel intimidated. Decor is the one thing you can’t get wrong, as long as you’re choosing pieces and colors that bring you joy. It might be difficult to get started, but the key is just to start. Start by picking a wall color, or pulling out your collectors items, or unrolling that poster you picked up on your last trip.

Add one piece at a time to your space and slowly fill up your space. Remember to coordinate colors, mix up the sizes and textures of your pieces and experiment. You might not get it right on the first try, but when you’ve found a winning combination, you’ll know it when you see it.