Top Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality


Staying within the confines of your home can feel cozy, more so during the chilly seasons. It might also feel safer from the industrial smokes, traffic release, and other pollutants known to be part of the outdoor ecosystem. However, it’s never too late to rethink your home’s air conditions.

Studies have established that air pollution can be worse in homes compared to the outdoors. This is because stale indoor air and heating systems can trap various pollutants like dust, mold spores, and pet dander within the home.

However, don’t panic. With the right home maintenance, you can improve the indoor air quality of your home. Some of the ways to improve your home air quality include:

Keep it clean

Regularly cleaning the home is the first way to keep high-quality air at home. The cleaning helps get rid of dirt, dust, and other foreign particles that might attract bacteria and pathogens.

Vacuum the carpets and other rug areas twice a week using a HEPA filter-equipped vacuum cleaner. You might also consider reducing the carpeted area around the home to avoid trapping more dust in the house.

Regularly clean the blinds, drapes, beddings, and other home items that are likely to trap dirt. The cleaning should also involve the outdoor home aspects like the gutters.

All this regular cleaning requires time, which you might not have as you attend to your other duties. However, that does not mean you let your home stay dirty. Instead, let ad hoc cleaning services Singapore handle all your home cleaning needs. The professionals understand all the home parts likely to attract dirt and give the necessary attention.

Improve the home ventilation

The other approach to keeping your home free from pollutants in your home is to increase outdoor air intake. Unfortunately, most home heating and cooling systems do not provide for the mechanical introduction of the outdoor air into the house. Instead, it keeps the indoor air circulating at various speeds.

Open the doors and windows or operate an attic fan to allow the outdoor air into the house. You are better off keeping all the ventilations open when engaging in activities that generate too much pollutants. Some of the activities include cooking, painting, and other maintenance and body activities.

There are various ways to improve ventilation in your home, like the natural way through windows and doors. The mechanical means include an air condition system, while infiltration works through openings and cracks on the flooring, walls, and around the windows.

Invest in air purifiers

While you might not know it yet, air purifiers play a major role in cleaning the air inside your home environment. Place the air purifier in strategic places around the home where the pollutants are likely to occur. Ensure the household equipment filters are operational at all times.

Introduce indoor plants

Plants are some of the best natural air filters. They take in the polluted air in the house while releasing the clean ones, which is healthy for your household. The plants also help improve your decor.

The Final Word

Improving the air quality around your home is essential for your health. Use the tips mentioned above to keep your home free from pollutants.