Sleeper’s Selection: An In-depth Overview of the Different Types of Beds


First-time shoppers may think that mattresses are more or less the same thing; believing this may lead you to purchase the least expensive item in the showroom. Although, this is far from reality; beds are more complicated. Different materials and designs under the cover may lead you to think that mattresses are all the same.

The most definite way of determining how long a mattress will last and feel is by its interior construction; it separates beds based on their type. Of course, there are common characteristics among mattresses, although not all will have the same performance.

Indeed, it’s essential to learn more about the different types of mattresses. Not everyone has the same sets of preferences, needs, likes, and dislikes, so the mattress that works best for you is unique to you. Choosing a bed requires knowledge about mattresses. Thus, this page discusses the different types of beds you’ll encounter while shopping and their pros and cons.

Airbed Mattresses

These beds stand out from the rest since it’s support system can be easily adjusted with an air pump. An air pump can either pull air or put air out of the support core, making airbeds highly customizable.


  • You can easily customize the support and adjust the air to your liking.
  • Its two separate chambers are perfect for couples who sleep together; both of your needs are satisfied with this bed.
  • While it may be an airbed, the comfort is still impeccable due to the foam layer utilized on top.


  • It is costly due to the technology utilized to manufacture high-quality mattresses.

Memory Foam Beds

These beds utilize an all-foam construction. It is incredibly responsive: when applied pressure, you’ll notice that it contours to your body, and after sleeping, it will gradually go back to its original shape. Memory foam users tend to experience pressure relief and spine alignment because of the bed’s responsiveness. For some, the best mattress for them are memory foam beds.


  • It has motion isolation properties.
  • It tends to be very quiet.
  • It’s budget-friendly


  • Some users report that it traps heat.
  • Memory foam utilizes chemicals to manufacture it. Thus, there might be some chemical odors you’ll smell upon first opening it.
  • Some may find it too soft.

Hybrid Beds

These beds use coils for their support system and foam materials for the comfort system, combining popular mattresses today. There are numerous types of hybrid beds, so even if you have unique preferences, you’ll be sure to find one with a hybrid bed.


  • It has a bounce effect since it has an innerspring support system.
  • You will feel supported and comforted as it combines both coil and foam materials.
  • Hybrid beds have a wide variety of options.


  • These beds tend to be more expensive as compared to other mattress types.
  • It’s heavy to carry.

Latex Foam Beds

Latex foam mattresses’ construction (comfort and support systems) is constructed entirely of a rubber material. These natural beds can conform to your body which encourages spine alignment and pressure relief. Although, it doesn’t contour to the body as much as a memory foam material.

Additionally, a unique quality of latex foam mattresses is their bounce effect. It’s notably responsive; it can go back to its original shape once pressure from your weight is removed.


  • It has a bounce effect.
  • It doesn’t trap heat.
  • Natural latex foam doesn’t use chemicals.
  • It’s exceptionally durable.
  • You can use the bed for more than 20 years if you take proper care of it.


  • It’s too heavy, which can be challenging to move around the house.
  • The price is too costly when compared to any other mattress type.

Innerspring Mattresses

Metal coils are used for the construction of innerspring mattresses. You may remember innerspring mattresses for their bouncy effect; this happens due to the compression of the springs. When pressure is applied to these beds, it usually compresses and springs back up when removed.


  • It has incredible support, even on its edges!
  • It has the iconic bounce effect.
  • It’s budget-friendly.
  • It’s breathable so you won’t feel hot.


  • It has little to no pressure relief.
  • It isn’t ideal for couples since it doesn’t isolate movements.
  • The steel coils used can make noise whenever you move, and it will only worsen over time.
  • It’s not durable and tends to show signs of aging faster.


Before entering a mattress store, be sure to write on a piece of paper your preferences. If you live with another person, be sure to consider their needs. If possible, bring them with you when you’re in the last stage of mattress shopping, i.e., purchasing the bed.

Also, ensure that you’ve read every possible article about mattresses. Doing so will guide you throughout your shopping experience and ensure that you purchase the mattress that works best with you!