How to Stop Metal Beds from Squeaking


You can read the authentic reviews and buy the best iron beds for your household. Even after that, you will always have to maintain your bed. Consequently, it will not start to squeak after a particular time. I realize how awful it can be to get into a squeaking bed after a long tiring day. That is why I am here today to discuss how to stop metal beds from squeaking.

Look out for the source:

Do not jump to conclusions. Sometimes, the squeaking sound does not come from the bed. The sound can come from your mattress, your spring box, or your metal frame. On weekends, you can keep your mattress and spring box under sunlight and examine them. In this way, you will keep your bedbug-free, and you will know if there is a problem. If you discover a problem and you still have a valid warranty card, then you just got lucky!

Make sure your bed ends are secure:

Commonly, the bed screws at the ends get loose after using the bed for a while. All you need to do is find a wrench and tighten the screws. That will help you to keep your bed strong and risk-free as well. You will not need any expert’s help. Usually, metal beds are bind with standard bolts and screws. Thus, if you feel like your bed screws are loose, do not panic. Find a suitable tool that will hold the screws, like a wrench or screwdriver. Do the work by yourself.

Apply oil:

Applying the oil is the oldest yet most effective way to stop your metal bed from squeaking. You can apply oil to the rigid joints. Do not worry about the oil. You can find them in any hardware store. However, do not lose your breath if you don’t know a hardware store near you. You can apply cooking vegetable oil; it will serve the same. Make sure you apply lubricant thoroughly.

Wax it up:

Usually, our metal beds squeak because of friction in joint/joints. If you can figure out from which joint it is coming from, you can wax it. Please apply special furniture wax on it. Those are available at hardware stores. They are cheap as well. But if all that becomes difficult, you can turn on your DIY mood. You can get regular candles (probably they are always in your home) and light them. Hold them over the joint which is making the noise. That is how, when your candle will melt, the wax will fall on that spot. Whether you are using the furniture wax or the regular candle wax, make sure you apply several coats. You don’t want it to make all that sound right back after a couple of weeks. It is going to be depressing because you gave so much effort to make them go away.

Apply for protection:

Put a barricade between your mattress and bed frame. You can use the clothes you don’t wear anymore. These will prevent friction between the mattress and bed frame. These frictions are another source of the sound. You don’t want to experience that. It is wise if you put that barricade right after buying the bed. Hopefully, this will give you a peaceful sleep after a tiring day.

Check your bed legs:

Sometimes, the bed legs are uneven. That is why the unevenness can cause sound. I know you are wondering now how you can fix an uneven leg. Do not worry. You have a simple solution. You can fold paper or clothes and insert it below the legs. Make sure you fold it in an even way. That will stop your bed legs from moving, and apparently, it will not make a sound.

Last resort:

Unfortunately, sometimes after trying all the mentioned things, the squeaking sound does not go away. What you can do is buying just a bed frame. It will be accessible on your budget as you will be shopping for the bed frame only. You can find these frames on amazon at a very reasonable price.


I hope now you know enough about how to stop metal beds from squeaking. If you already have a metal bed, now you can maintain it according to our tips. If you plan to buy one but too afraid of the squeaky sound, you can now take the risk.