6 Things To Consider When Choosing Roof Painters


Painting has a lot of benefits to a building. It makes it look appealing and also serves to protect various parts from destructive environmental factors.

The roof is one such area that benefits a lot from painting. If done correctly, your roof will not only look great but it will also stay in good condition for a long time.

When it comes to saving energy, painting your roof with a bright color will help reflect away radiant heat hence lowering the amount of energy used for cooling and consequently the cost.

To get the best out of it, you definitely need to get the best roof painters to do the job. Well, with that said, here are some of the things that you need to consider.

  • Skillset

You have to make sure that you hire professionals who have the right skill set that fits your type of roof. Otherwise, they will struggle with the job and end up delivering results that are of poor quality.

They ought to be able to do the work without damaging the structure or interfering with other parts of the building. This is, particularly, true for delicate roofing materials such as corrugated iron sheets.

If someone steps on them the part will cave in and with time result in problems such as leaks and loosely fixed parts. Experience also plays a major role towards the successful undertaking of the task.

  • Equipment

The job must be done using the right equipment to ensure good results. The paint, for instance, should be of good quality to be able to adhere properly and withstand the various elements of nature.

If it is of poor quality it is bound to start fading and chipping off sooner rather than later. This will leave the roof exposed to corrosive agents and also make it look unappealing. Thus it is proper to ask the type of paint that they use then do some research on it to determine if it is appropriate.

Other equipment used such as brushes also ought to be of relevance to the task. Using the wrong type of brush can result into wastage of paint and will also negatively impact the final outcome.

  • Certifications

It is always advisable to ensure that the technician is a certified one before you hire them. This is, especially, helpful when dealing with an independent contractor who is not part of any company.

The certifications will serve as proof to assure you that they have been indeed tried, tested, and found to be up to the task. Being certified by different entities shows you just how competent they are.

While at it you should also check their license to verify their legitimacy. Note that these documents can be forged, so it is important that you take your time to look at them carefully.

  • Insurance

At times, the materials get painted before they are used for roofing while other times the painting is done after the roof has been installed. The latter involves the professional climbing to the level of the roof using a ladder or any other appropriate equipment.

This makes it risky. A simple slip can result in a serious injury or a fatal accident. For this reason, it is wise to ensure that all the technicians that you have hired to do the job have a valid insurance cover. This takes away your liability to compensate them for the damages done in case of an accident.

For their own personal safety, they ought to wear the right Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to minimize the level of damages that might occur.

  • Eco-friendliness

Paints are manufactured using various chemicals. Some of these are toxic and can be harmful to the ecosystem.

There are various bodies that are in charge of setting regulations that govern the practice to ensure that such products are not used or that their use is properly controlled. Therefore, when hiring a technician it is good to make sure that they are aware of such regulations and are in compliance with them.

The current advanced level of technology has also made it possible to manufacture paints that are completely eco-friendly and so you should opt for these whenever possible. Make sure that the waste products are properly disposed of.

  • Cost

You should come up with a budget that is comprehensive. This is inclusive of the cost of equipment and the technician’s fee.

For good results, have a professional come and take a look at the work to be done then give you their quotation. Keep in mind that the cost is affected by several different factors hence it varies.

For example, where the price of materials or the technician’s fee is low the total cost will be lower than where it is high. Take advantage of discounted prices that come with bulk-purchasing of equipment. Make decisions that will be cost-effective even in the future. Click here to read more. 


Painting your roof gives it aesthetic appeal and also protects it from being degraded by elements of nature. The coating ensures durability and will help you avoid frequent repairs that are known to be costly in the long-term. There are lots of painters available and this widens your range of options. Take time to compare the options available and pick the one that fits your needs. Make sure that you consider aspects such as skillset, quality of equipment, certifications, insurance cover, eco-friendliness, and the total cost. To avoid overspending, make a good budget and stick to it.