Installing Heat Pumps Could Help Shift to Low Carbon Homes

Spring Meadow Farm, Ely.

With so much attention on energy efficiency as of late, it is only natural for homeowners to look for ways to create the kind of environment that leaves less of a carbon footprint. Making the shift to a low carbon home is no longer a challenge, nor does it have to be confusing thanks to the many options readily available today. One option is to install a heat pump, which can make sense in the right homes. Let’s take a look at how installing a heat pump can help you shift to a low carbon home you feel great about.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Can Be Lowered

While there are several great reasons to install a heat pump, the fact that it can drastically reduce a home’s greenhouse gas emissions is high on the list. Some research shows that it can lower the carbon footprint in the home by up to two thirds. This is an impressive number and one that should not be overlooked. The way these heat pumps work is by heating the house during the cold winter months, and then during the mild months of spring and summer, they will pump the heat out of the house. The result is a very comfortable and consistent temperature in the home.

Who Would Benefit Most from a Heat Pump?

Besides the desire to lower the carbon footprint, is there anything else that makes for the right environment for this piece of technology? For the most part, your home needs to be well insulated for the heat pump to work optimally. Signs of a well-insulated home include:

  • Windows that are double glazed
  • Cavity wall insulation throughout the home
  • Loft insulation

Heat pumps work by moving the heat energy that is outdoors into your home. While they require electricity to operate, they can generate more energy than what they use. These units will even work if the outdoor air temperature is cool/cold, so this is not something you have to worry about.

If you find you spend a small fortune on oil, gas, or electric heat systems, you can also benefit from a heat pump since they cost much less to operate.

Look for Dual Purpose Units

Did you also know that some heat pumps provide two functions in one? Some can do a great job heating your home and can also heat the water in the home. Again, it is about lowering the carbon footprint and of course, you will be saving money in the process. If you are shopping for heat pumps in Northern Ireland, be sure to look for a unit that heats the home and your water, giving you the most value for your money.

In the past, it was somewhat difficult to try to make eco-conscious decisions for your home and try to lower its carbon footprint, but times have changed. Installing a heat pump is one of many smart moves you can make, as you can see by the benefits outlined above.