Home Heat Recovery Systems Offer an Energy-Efficient Solution


Have you ever tried to determine exactly how much money you are spending each and every year on the cost of heating your homes? It can be a tedious challenge depending on the energy source you use for home heat. Some homes use electric heat and others heat their homes with gas. However, there are other appliances that use those same energy sources, so how do you calculate exactly how much you are paying for just that heat source in terms of all the ways in which electricity or gas are being used? Perhaps that’s the wrong way to look at what it’s costing you to heat your home. You know that it is a significant amount on usage, so maybe it’s better to analyse how better to save money through energy-efficient solutions.

Exactly How Efficient Is a Home Recovery System?

Before understanding how home heat recovery systems work, let’s look at what we know about how efficient they can be. According to the latest estimates on the actual savings a family can realise with an HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilator), as much as 60-95% of the heat lost in exhaust can be recovered. That leads to an amazing amount of efficiency. A more efficient heating system, then, is much less costly to operate!

How Do HRV Systems Work?

Now then, to understand just how they offer this energy-efficient solution to the cost of heating your home, let’s take a brief look at how an HRV system works. Basically, what happens is that the HRV pulls that stale but warm air from your home, exchanging cooler fresh air from outside. Not only does it warm that fresh air being drawn in but that warmed fresh air replaces the stale air being drawn out. Technically and mechanically, it can be difficult to understand, but that’s a brief summary of ‘how’ it works and what it’s meant to accomplish.

The Actual Savings You Can Realise

The obvious purpose for seeking efficiency is to reduce the cost of heating your home. Also, factor in what you are spending on powering an air filtration system so that you aren’t breathing in stale air with all the allergens you are exposed to. The actual savings can be easily calculated if you take into consideration other appliances using the same energy source. If heat is the only thing using gas, for instance, then imagine having a heat source that is 60% to 95% more efficient with the installation of an HRV? That would be a significant savings in your household budget, wouldn’t it?

So then, how efficient are home heat recovery systems? If you factor in the high cost of heating today’s home where much heat is lost through walls, cracks, lack of insulation and other factors, improving efficiency up to 95% is a significant improvement and cost reduction. When balanced with the cost of that installation, you will see that, within a very short period of time, that cost will have been compensated and you will start seeing that savings at that point. Let the savings begin!