How a Chimney Cap Can Increase Your Home Value


If you’re not sporting a chimney cap up on your roof, then might we ask, what are you waiting for? If you think chimney caps are optional, then you couldn’t be more wrong, unfortunately. Not only are they important for the general safety of your home, but they can also seriously increase the market value of your home. So there’s no possible reason why you should not get one.

To see what we mean, let’s talk a bit about how chimney caps work to protect your home.

1. Increases appraisal value.

You might not know this, but when looking to resell your home, any addition you’ve made as the owner will increase the overall value of the property. So whether it’s repainting, putting in hurricane windows, or indeed, installing a chimney cap, it will mean your home is worth more during appraisal.

And since a fireplace can increase your home’s value by a whopping 12%, it stands to reason that you would want to protect that fireplace by installing a dedicated custom chimney cap.

2. Attracts buyers.

Since many buyers in the market for a home are actively looking for one with a fireplace, they’ll want one that’s secure and long lasting. People aren’t likely to buy a home where they’ll need to fix the chimney in a year, are they? This is why installing a chimney cap on yours can attract potential buyers, and improve the appeal of your home listing.

3. Protect your chimney.

The most obvious reason why you might want to put in a chimney cap is that it, of course, protects the inside of your chimney. Practically, what a chimney cap does is allow the smoke to get out, as it needs to, while also keeping out other debris, animals, and so on.

A chimney cap also serves to keep out moisture and other detrimental aspects of harsh weather. In time, these can seriously weaken the structure of your chimney and destroy the inner lining of your chimney. In turn, this can pose a potential fire and structural hazard to your home. You can learn more about how chimney damage endangers your home at

4. Keeps wildlife out.

Unfortunately, your chimney is ideal for wild animals looking for a nice, cozy home during the warmer months. It offers easy access, and a great hiding place, especially if they’ve found a source of food or water on your property. This usually means the animals (squirrels are most common, though other creatures might pop in, also) will set up their nest right inside your chimney.

This constitutes a tremendous fire hazard, during the winter months. As you set up a fire, the animal’s nest, as well as the animal itself, is likely to catch fire, which can then spread to the rest of your home pretty quickly.

This is why you should schedule regular chimney cleaning and inspection visits, to ensure that your chimney is pest-free. Ultimately, this is also why you should install a chimney cap, to significantly decrease your chances of attracting wildlife.

Also, make sure you clean your chimney regularly, remembering that the chimney is a spot that is always dirty because of smoke and dust. Since cleaning is not easy, it would be great if you can call a professional of chimney sweeping.

5. It makes your home more appealing.

Aside from the obvious safety factors, another excellent reason to install a custom-made chimney cap is that it is usually built specifically for your home. This means that the style of the chimney cap itself is designed in such a way so as to perfectly compliment the external design of your home.

When a potential buyer comes to visit your home, this is the first thing they see. The outside of your home. So naturally, you want it to look its best. Seeing a chimney cap up on the roof not only increases the appeal of the property, but also tells the buyer that you are a serious, and careful homeowner.

Here’s a person who’s taken good precautions, and has done their best to care for this home. Immediately, this makes them more likely to appreciate the home, because everyone wants to purchase a home that’s been well cared for down the years.

All in all, a chimney cap is an excellent safety choice for you now, but also a wise investment in your future.