Bathroom Styling: Making a Difference through Accessories


The bathroom has become one of the two most important rooms in a house, when it goes on sale. Therefore, it is always best to keep it as visually clean and simple as possible. It does not mean that you cannot add style to it. You just need to acquire the right accessories, and your bathroom will reflect exactly what you want it to. Here are a few ideas that will help you.

Bathe by Neon Light

There is one easy way to provide a unique style to your bathroom, without having to change anything else inside the room: Add a neon light. Think of how unique taking baths will be, under this permeating light. You can play it soft with a deep blue, or sensual by choosing red. Either way, it will completely modify the atmosphere you are bathing in. If you really want it to be personal, you can even create your own design, thanks to the manufacturer Yellowpop. A great way for a couple to have a unique visual that they can relate to their own history.

Paint One Wall

Tiling a bathroom from floor to ceiling is necessary in certain areas of the bathroom. But you should leave at least one wall on which you can paint. As we mentioned in the introduction, keeping in line with classic design, and using as much white as possible, is always best. But give yourself the liberty to paint one of the walls in any colour that you want. Whichever one you choose will totally redefine your bathroom, instantly. A Greek blue to go with the water or a bright yellow to wake up with a sunshine state of mind in the morning; any colour will become the main element and turn your world around.

Play with Textile

One of the great advantages of having a white bathroom, is that you can change its image as you’d like, simply by playing with the towels and the carpet. If you choose them together, you can really recreate a new world, every time you change them for washing. You can go from serious and noble by using all black, to funny and creative through colourful designs. According to the guests that are coming to spend the week-end, you can adapt your décor in two minutes, simply through this simple tip.

Add LED Lighting

More subtle than neon lights, LED lighting is another great way to modify your bathroom easily. You can buy LED strip lightings at the hardware store, in a variety of colours. Then, apply them on top of the mirror or inside cabinets, to add an elegant touch or to highlight elements that you feel are key to the bathroom. But be careful: Water and electricity don’t mix. Ask an electrician to come to your house, so you are entirely sure that safety won’t be an issue, before you go ahead with that move.

It is not so difficult to add style to your bathroom, as you have now understood. However, you need to start with one that sticks to the basic. Otherwise, it won’t be as easy to modify, without having to get into major renovation works.