Inspirational Home Decor Ideas for 2022


Last year, many of us stayed indoors. Now that 2022 is here, many things are looking to bounce back. With that said, we should be thankful that we made it to the new year. As the adage “New Year, New You” says, there should be something new with you.

Now, what’s the biggest thing you have that you’ll probably own and stay in for the longest time? The answer is your house. As mentioned earlier, many people stayed indoors because of quarantine and government policies. Not to be a pessimist, but we really don’t know what will happen in the next 12 months. So, if we’re in for another long stay, it’s best to change our homes’ interior design.

Push away the gloominess, and let’s get down to the best and most inspirational home decor ideas you can implement in your home this 2022.


These majestic animals are beautiful and have many meanings depending on where you’re from. With their beautiful feathers, peacocks often represent beauty and pride. As these animals are beautifully adorned with colorful feathers, some associate royalty with them.

With that said, Home Decor Picks has the peacock theme high in their recommendations. A peacock theme works well with white walls as the “blank” appearance highlights the colors of the peacock. For example, a wall clock with a large peacock for its design placed on a white wall absolutely shines.

Peacocks don’t just look good with white walls, pillows and even lighting fixtures adorned with peacock designs can bring in that “royal” feel within your home. The green, blue, white, and other colors of a peacock-inspired theme can make a welcome change in your home.


Too many designs and too many decorations can overwhelm the look and feel of the interior of your home. If you have a living room with a lot going on, you might not feel at ease. This uneasiness is the reason why many people are going the minimalist way.

Minimalist designs often incorporate clean patterns or backgrounds while using one centerpiece. With a clean background, the centerpiece is highlighted more. Aside from that, minimalist designs are more straightforward and much easier to do.


From towering monstera plants to small but adorable succulents, you can bring a fresh breath of life into your house with them. In the kitchen, you can place small pots of basil, mint, or any other kitchen herb. These plants will surely put a dash of green in your kitchen while providing you with herbs you can use while cooking.

The only drawback with using plants is the maintenance involved. Of course, plants are still plants, and they still need to be taken care of. Make sure to provide them with enough sunlight, watering, and trimming. If plants grow too big inside your home, they may attract insects inside your home.

When choosing plants, make sure they’re hardy and can tolerate indoor conditions. Monstera deliciosa, Lady Palm, Pothos, Spider Plant, and Peace Lillies are some of the best plants to choose from. Not only do these plants provide the looks, but they can also improve air quality inside your home. Spider plants, for example, absorb harmful gasses such as xylene, formaldehyde, and carbon monoxide.


If you don’t want to stick with plants but still want a nature-inspired theme for your house, you can certainly do so. Instead of plants, you can use natural surfaces with your walls, kitchen, flooring, etc. Think terracotta, marble, stone, granite, and the like when it comes to natural surfaces. These materials bring a natural, expensive look that most owners want inside their homes.


Steering away from nature, technology also has infinite ways of designing your home. For one, the lighting from cleverly placed LED strips can change the mood of a specific place in your house at the push of a button.

Lighting fixtures also have modern, techie designs that fit well with this trend. In addition, gadgets such as a PS5, the latest flatscreen TVs, and many other things can be used as decor, especially in your living room or personal space.


The decor ideas mentioned above are just some of the many designs you can choose from. Indeed, trends such as indoor plants and minimalist approaches are here to stay and are the most popular. Whatever you choose, you’ll be thankful that you welcomed such a significant change this 2022.