5 Signs of a Broken Garage Door Spring


The importance of garage doors cannot be neglected. It is one of the most prime objects at your home. Thus, proper maintenance is crucial for its long life and safety of your near and dear ones. Along with protecting your precious vehicle, it adds to the catchy exterior appearance of your place.

One needs to protect the garage door and look after its faulty parts. One of the parts which is prone to faults and damage is the spring of the garage door. It breaks very easily leading to misalignment, risks to your safety and disturbed balance. It is one of the most significant parts which keeps the garage door perfected. Thus, if you want to check whether or not your garage door has a broken spring, you need to read through this extensive text. It covers it all!

Noticeable Gap

This is the most obvious sign of the broken spring. If you see a wide, noticeable gap, you should definitely call professional help to fix the broken spring. The spring is perfectly attached and wound to the door. Thus, it makes the door fixed to the wall at the side. The breakage of the spring will result in the unwinding of the spring. You should not wait and contact a professional as soon as possible.

Heavy Garage Door

Does your garage door suddenly weigh much heavier? Is it difficult to open and close the garage door due to its increased weight? The increased weight of your garage door might be indicative towards something serious. It is most certain that the extension springs of your dear garage door are subjected to breakage if it feels heavier.

The extensive springs carry the job of lifting the garage door up high and take on their weight. The unwinding of the springs will result in making the garage door feel heavier than it used to. It will reach a state which is commonly known as dead weight. This is the time when you should call in professional experts.

Loose Cables

If your cables are starting to appear loose, there might be a more significant problem. People usually think that there is some issue with the cable. However, when you dig in you find out that it is the broken springs. They are causing the cables to become loose.

Loud Noises

Have you noticed any changes in the noise level of the garage door every time you open or close it? Has your garage door suddenly started making loud noises during the opening and closing? This definitely indicates that there are some serious issues regarding the springs. And it is a sign that you need a garage door repair.

Crooked Garage Door

If your garage door has been bent or crooked then you should instantly get the extension springs replaced. Yes, the bent door is due to the broken springs. Extension springs support the door, making them stand tall and erect. Thus, the bent position of the garage door should be corrected by replacing the springs.

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