How to Care for a Saltwater Pool


Do you own a saltwater pool but are perplexed about its maintenance? All confused on how to care for a saltwater pool? We have got your back! While eliminating the need to handle harsh and hard chemicals like chlorine, these pools are much easier to maintain. Moreover, this water is perfect for the hair as well as the skin.

The first thing which you should do right now is the installation of the sacrificial anode. This will protect it from salts within the water and will prevent corrosive action on it. This is not all. Infact, there is a lot more which you have to do to make the pool clean and perfect. Dive in!


It is wise to routinely check your pool. Infact, one should develop the habit of daily inspecting their pool. One should have a quick look if the pool is clean and has no large debris. There are several things which come under maintenance. Some of them are

  • To check for large visible debris, disturbing the flow and the appearance
  • Emptying the pump basket
  • Clearing the skimmer is not already clear


Weekly cleaning is essential. It is more thorough than daily cleaning and makes your pool function for longer. However, if you keep the pool uncovered, you should do it twice every week. Further, if the pool is located in a treed area, that also calls for often clean up sessions. Weekly clean up sessions demand that you should

  • Clean the big debris and dirt particles together with leaves etc using a big net
  • Cleaning the water using a pool vacuum. You can also purchase an automatic pool cleaner. This will largely save your time as the cleaning will take around 60 minutes.
  • Checking the pump’s performance
  • Checking the filter’s performance
  • Note if the chemistry of water is perfectly balanced and corrected. You can check it using test strips. You can also check it through the kit. This will let you know about the pH of water and whether or not it is in the ideal range. Also check for the chlorine level as it had a huge impact on cleaning as well. As these pools generate chlorine themselves, you should make sure that the automatic system has no faults. Thus, if it is performing perfectly, the quantity should be in between 1 to 3 ppm. Adding soda ash would also make the pool cleaner. Always make sure to neutralize the pH levels.


You should perform thorough and deep saltwater clean up sessions every month. The monthly clean up sessions should include salt level in the water. They should always be in a specific range which is specified. This is to ensure if the concentration exceeds or is decreased. Do not depend always on the automatic reading specified by salt chlorinator. Take the reading yourself to know the right concentration. You can check it using a test kit for salt water.

Along with that, stabilizer levels should always be checked. Lastly, one should always inspect the level of calcium once a month.

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