Add Warmth to The Room with 17 Simple Decors and Tips

105 – What is meant by adding warmth to the room in this article is not making the air in the room warm with a heater. However, the warmth in the interior style. It may seem strange, but, believe me, a warm room has an above-average level of comfort. And, to add warmth to the room does not just mean decking out the room with warm hues. Personality must also be included here. A room that suits your personality will have more meaning. In this way, the room still represents you but is layered with intimacy and simpler character.

In other words, adding warmth is about creating an inviting space, one that evokes a sense of comfort and coziness when you walk in and makes a house feel like a home—as Rayana Schmitz, founder and lead designer of Firefinish Interiors, puts it.

To create a warm room, you don’t need complicated methods that are difficult for you, where you have to put in more effort. There are plenty of simple decors and tips as summarized in this article.

1. Yellow Lighting in Several Spots

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Lighting has control over the appearance and ambiance of the room. It leads to our mood, whether it is positive or negative. This all depends on how you choose the lighting for the room. Mistakes in choosing light can cause the room to feel cramped. And vice versa.

To create a fresh room that can make us energetic, choose white lighting. However, this lighting is not perfect for the room to relax where we need to feel calm there. So, instead of using white light, it would be better to choose warm or yellow lighting. Besides evoking a soothing ambiance it also adds warmth to the room very well.

Rely on warm light. Make it the main lighting for the room at night. But, make sure every spot has good lighting. The string light and candles can be a mainstay item for warmth lighting. It also decorates and enhances the room, increasing the beauty value of the room.

2. The Fireplace

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It would be perfect to make the room feel warm both in ambiance and temperature. This can be your mainstay place to relax when winter arrives. And, the fireplace is an item that can bring warmth to the ambiance and also the temperature in the room.

Take advantage of the fireplace in the living room. Make it the center focus by placing the sofa facing there. Or, you can set aside some space in the fireplace area to remain empty. Put down the rug, blanket, and throw pillows. This will be the most comfortable place to read a book or enjoy hot chocolate when winter arrives.

Even though it is only in one spot, the fire in the fireplace spreads warmth throughout the room very well. But, you can make the fireplace stand out in the room by adding decorations on it in the form of candle lights, vases, and so on.

3. Consistent with Beige

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If you are required to use only one color, then beige is the right color to be an option. This color can still make a room bright, but it’s not as good as white for working. However, one advantage of this color is that it softens the appearance of the room so that it is very easy for the eye to accept. Moreover, applying minimalist design will evoke a sense of calm that makes the room so homey.

Apply beige color consistently starting from the walls, ceiling, furniture, to the displays in the room. Besides creating perfect softness and warmth, this also minimizes the number of colors so that the room seems calmer and more comfortable.

4. Pampas Grass in The Corner of The Room

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Take advantage of empty room corners to add a warm ambiance to the room. Decorate well using pampas grass. Make it simple would be better to make the pampas grass stand out in the corner of the room. Use a glass vase with a minimalist design to show the stalks of pampas grass. However, if you feel it is too simple and stiff, add other simple, small decorations so that they look like they complement the appearance of the pampas grass.

The pampas grass has a brown color which can maintain warm colors in the room. Its presence will not disturb the concept of the room itself. On the contrary, it adds sensitivity to the concept and design of the interior.

5. Do The Layered Bedding

layered bedding
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As a place to rest and unwind, create a calm and warm atmosphere in the bedroom. Layered bedding is a very easy method and everyone can do it. It not only evokes warmth in the bedroom but also makes the resting area, which is the bed, become cozier. With layered bedding, the bed becomes softer. Also, this will keep the body warm when the wall season arrives.

The bedding chosen must also be considered. Try to choose a plain one to maintain calm in the bedroom. And, color is very important here. To add perfect warmth to the room, choose bedding in warm colors such as brown or beige.

6. Using Two Table Lamps

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Making the room shadier will create a room that leads to calm. It is okay not to use main lights in the room. But, provide one or two replacement lights. There are several lamps that you can use to replace the main lighting in the room, such as floor lamps, pendant lamps, sconces, and table lamps.

For the room with a simpler appearance, table lamps are the most appropriate option. Use two table lamps with different lights, where one light glows white and the other light glows yellow. The combination of these two lights creates a bright and warm effect in the room.

Place table lamps in separate spots so that light can spread well in the room. Try not to leave dark shadows in the corners of the room.

7. Playing with Natural Hues

natural hues
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Playing with natural hues is an alternative way to add warmth to the room. Combine several natural colors such as white, beige, gray, and black. Keep white as the main color to keep the room bright. Besides that, this color also neutralizes the appearance so that other colors present in the room can be seen more clearly.

The combination of white and gray brings a cool impression. However, everything is disguised by the brown color. The natural brown color of the wood has a greater effect on the presence of a warm feel in the room. And, to eliminate the stiff impression of the natural appearance, a little touch of black in the decoration is the savior.

8. Make Sunlight The Main Lighting

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Natural light is the main key for a room with a warm feel. It makes the elements, textures and colors in the room become more alive. So, for a room with warm colors combined with wooden materials and a play on texture, it will be perfect by using natural light as the main lighting.

Install large windows and glass doors in the room. But, it would be good if there was a skylight window. This is because the light coming from above spreads better to the corners of the room.

Leave windows and glass doors open. What is meant here is that there are no decorations that block the entry of light into the room. However, if you feel very bright and hot, then sheer curtains are an item you can rely on. It seems like filtering the light that enters the room so that the room remains bright but within reasonable limits.

9. Handmade Woven for Corner Room

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Turn an ordinary corner of the room into an interesting spot that can spread warmth through the whole spot in the room. Do it simply and effortlessly by relying on handmade woven. This is also an on-budget tip to decorate the corner of the room.

You can get woven rugs easily at several stores nearby. Or, you can also buy it online to save more energy and time. However, just make sure the size is right. This is because a mistake in sizing will really disturb the aesthetics of the corner of the room and affect the overall beauty of the appearance.

After putting down the woven rug, add other decorations such as a standing mirror and tatami with a small plant on it. The green color will liven up and remove the stiffness in the corners of the room.

10. Consistent with White and Brown

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Minimize the number of colors for the interior for a simpler and calmer result. Two colors are enough to fill and beautify the room. And, among the many colors, white and brown are the most perfect color combinations for presenting warmth to the room. White brightens the appearance and brown brings a warm feel. Also, white as the main color neutralizes the look of the room and makes it a great media for decorating. With white, brown can be present very well in the room.

Presenting a natural brown color would be much better. It not only presents warmth but also evokes tranquility in the room. So, just rely on wooden chairs or benches, wicker baskets to fill empty spots in the lower area, pampas grass for the corners, and rattan/wicker bags as wall decorations. Also, fill the middle area by hanging a mirror with a wooden frame on the whitewashed wall.

11. Add More Texture

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The right colors and lighting can indeed bring warmth to the interior. However, relying only on these two things will create a monotonous room. The effect is that the room becomes unattractive and seems boring. Therefore, work around it with texture. This is where texture comes into play.

Think about what luxurious carpet can fit into the interior of the room. Paying attention to the color and pattern of the carpet is very important. Doing a layered rug would be better to create more perfect warmth. Also, provide a soft throw on the sofa area with a brown blanket and throw pillows. These three items not only enrich the room visually but also provide physical warmth.

Don’t just focus on one spot. Also, pay attention to other spots such as windows. Introduce texture there with curtains.

12. Rely on Plants

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Among the plenty of decorations you can choose from, indoor houseplants are the most reliable. Adding plants is the same as introducing natural elements that bring warmth into the room. The organic shape covers straight, rigid lines which makes the appearance softer. The natural green color of the plant also brings freshness which is also comfortable for the eyes. On the other hand, plants have good health benefits. Some plants have the ability to absorb harmful substances flying in the indoor air.

As seen in the picture above, a bedroom with a natural color scheme looks fresh and far from boring with the play on plants. Green fills the sides of the room very well. When you enter this bedroom, you will feel a refreshing, calming sensation. This is where the warm design style exudes.

13. Touch of Vintage Style in The Room

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Bringing in elements of the past tends to immediately provide warmth to the room. This is why the vintage style is still very popular and is timeless. Antique items with an inherent patina are difficult to imitate and take years. This time is what makes these antiques have historical value. Show it in the room as a display brings this value to the interior style. With an appearance that may seem old to some people, vintage-style antiques succeed in creating a different look in the room.

If you really have difficulty finding antiques, especially some of which are sold at quite high prices, just use other collectibles such as vinyl records, old cameras, or old radios. Displaying them on the cabinet table is enough to make these collections stand out in the room.

But, you have to remember to create a major impact, it doesn’t have to be something big. Simple items that are easy to find everywhere, for example silverware, can exude a vintage style to the room.

14. Decorate The Room with Wood or Rattan

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Bringing warmth with something natural will be more easily accepted by the senses, especially the eyes. For example, wood, rattan, and wicker have the same color tone, namely brown, which brings a warm feel to the room. Moreover, if there are other complementary such as plants and natural lighting. These natural materials will be more alive.

Bringing warmth does not have to be difficult like installing beams on the ceiling or installing timber for the wall as a wall accent. Just rely on decorations that can be easily added or removed to the room such as rattan plates for the wall, wicker baskets for the side of the room or piece of furniture, and rattan pendant lamps. Indeed, the materials used are different, but the same color will match the interior politely.

15. Choose Pastel Colors

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If you are bored with the natural color group, then you can replace it with the pastel color group. Two to three pastel colors can change your room drastically. The softness and fresh effect in the room is what exudes warmth into the interior.

The pink color can be made more dominant for a softer appearance effect. The wall area can be painted with pastel green or blue. These two colors are the best for bringing freshness into the room.

The most important thing in this tip is natural light. Good lighting can bring color to the room. Therefore, left the window without any decoration. Let light enter freely through the large windows in the room.

16. Introduce Soft Lines

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Keep the room soft by introducing more curved lines. Some designs, such as modern and minimalist, tend to have sharp angles that attract attention. And, the presence of curved lines, ovals, and other soft lines will create more visual flow, covering up the stark linear lines that are very sharp to the eye.

No need for something big for a large impact. Simple decorations such as oval mirrors and arch-standing mirrors can be relied on. In particular, placing standing mirrors in the corners of a room and covering the stark lines in the corners of the room is a trick to make curved lines visually superior. Maybe, you can add more or some other displays that have curved lines such as vases for the pampas grass, tatami, or other round chairs or sofas.

17. Show Off The Natural Stone Color

natural stone
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Natural things do have a big role in the softness of the interior. For example, the natural stone on the kitchen wall. Maybe you will think about painting it with white paint so that it only leaves an interesting texture when exposed to light. But, if you want to make the kitchen warmer, evoke a thicker natural feel. Even though the natural stone wall may seem old, let it appear as is. In fact, an old look or impression will bring warmth to the interior very well.

By leaving the natural stone wall without any touch, it will show the original color of the stone itself which is very attractive and well received by the eye. Wooden materials and neutral colors complement the room with a warm ambiance.

Final Words

Bringing warmth is not always about the visuals of using blankets or heaters. The interior style must also be made warm to be more acceptable to the eye. Also, warm interiors tend to convey softness and calm which makes the room a place to relax. It doesn’t need to be something big which might take up more of your time and energy. Just choose the simple tips and decorations that we have provided above. However, in implementing it, pay attention to several aspects such as layout, concept, and design of the room. Maintaining harmony in the appearance of the room is also no less important.