Helpful Tips For Troubleshooting Common HVAC Repair Issues


Dealing with repair issues is something most homeowners are quite familiar with. The average homeowner realizes that the best way to prevent extensive damage to the vital parts of their residence is by addressing repairs early on. When it comes to your residential HVAC unit, you will be presented with many warning signs when issues are present.

Once you start to notice these signs, working with Global Cooling Air | Air Conditioning Services in Central, FL is a good idea. These professionals can find and fix the problems your unit has in no time. Tracking down the root cause of the issues your HVAC unit has is the first step in getting them fixed. Here are some helpful tips on troubleshooting common HVAC repair issues.

The HVAC Unit is Running Constantly

Home repairs and improvements generate over $522 billion in revenue annually in the United States. As a homeowner, you need to work hard to discover HVAC repair issues early on. By discovering problems with your unit early on, you can reduce the amount of damage these issues cause. Your HVAC unit is designed to run until the temperature on your thermostat is achieved. If a unit is experiencing problems, you will notice it running constantly.

Not only will this lead to higher energy bills, it will also lead to your unit getting overworked. The first thing you need to look at when this problem occurs is your thermostat fan. Turning off this fan might help you address this problem. However, if this problem persists, you might have issues with your compressor or other electrical components. Reaching out to HVAC professionals is the best way to diagnose and fix this problem quickly.

Your HVAC System Isn’t Producing Cool Air

During the summer months, most homeowners rely on their HVAC units to produce a steady supply of cool air. If your unit suddenly stops producing cool air, you need to figure out why in a hurry. The longer you go without cool air, the harder it will be to keep the internal temperature of your home comfortable. When confronted with this common problem, start by taking a look at your breaker box. If the breaker that feeds your unit is tripped, it will be unable to produce cool air.

If the breaker is still on, then a broken blower belt or low refrigerant levels might be to blame. If you do have a refrigerant leak, professionals will have to fix it. Once the leak is fixed, these professionals to refill the refrigerant and get your unit back in good working order.

The Unit Keeps Freezing Up

Another common problem that you might experience is your HVAC unit freezing up. When this problem occurs, the unit’s ability to produce cool air will be compromised. The longer your unit is allowed to remain frozen, the more damage you will ultimately have to deal with. This is why you need to take action as soon as this problem is discovered.

A dirty air filter or condenser can cause a unit to freeze up. If your existing air filter is clogged with dirt and dust, you need to replace it immediately. If you feel like this problem is being caused by a dirty condenser, then working with professionals to get this work done is your best course of action. An experienced technician will have the equipment needed to get this cleaning done the right way.

If you are confronted with any of the HVAC repair issues in this article, you need to take action to avoid extensive damage to your unit.