Convert a Garage into A Man Cave? This is How!


Do you barely use your garage? That’s a terrible shame, because you can turn it into much more than a space for storage. Then building a (wo)mancave is a great idea. In this so-called cave you can retreat from reality and completely relax. But of course you can also use it for festive purposes. A versatile space. Are you ready to convert your garage into a (wo)mancave? Then follow the next steps.

Clean up properly

The first step is to clean out your garage completely. Push everything aside and say hello to items that have been dusting away for years anyway. If you haven’t touched them in years, you probably won’t in years to come. Once you’ve got everything clean and tidy, let’s move on to the next step.

Use of insulation

The garage is known for being a place where it’s incredibly cold in winter and blisteringly hot in summer. When you have a mancave, you want to control the temperature. That’s where insulation comes in. In addition, insulation also dampens sound. Handy, for when you organize a big party in your new mancave.

A cold floor? No, thank you!

The garage floor can sometimes get very cold and that’s not very welcoming. And of course you don’t want that in a (wo)mancave. If you have a big budget, you can install a floor that is completely to your liking. But if not, you can also lay large rugs. Another solution is to wear thick woolen socks (wollen sokken)  or a warm v hals trui.

The furnishing

Now that you have cleaned up and insulated, it’s time to furnish your mancave. You can put down lovely couches and armchairs. Then you can watch sports games or movies in comfort. But for the evenings when you go out to play games or have dinner with friends, it’s handy to have a table as well.


Finally, it’s fun to add some great games to the (wo)mancave. Think of a ping pong table, which you can also use as a beer pong table. But also air field hockey, soccer or pool tables are an asset to your renovated garage.

Are you ready to transform your garage into a mancave? Then follow these steps.