Having A Small Living Room? Use These Items to Make The Living Room Comfortable


Roohome.com – For a small living room, you don’t need to worry if the living room will feel cramped and uncomfortable. By choosing the right items, a small living room will look sweeter and far more attractive. So, Having A Small Living Room? Use These Items to Make The Comfortable Living Room.

1. Low-legged Sofa / Without Leg

Sofa is the main item in the living room. Or we can also say that the sofa is an important item and most influential on the appearance and comfort of the living room. So, you need to consider before buying this items.

Small Couch for Small Living Room Decoration
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For the small living room, the low-legged sofa / without leg is the most appropriate choice. By using these items, the small living room will not feel cramped and will make the living room comfortable.

Some pillows with a darker color can be used as decoration items. With this sofa will look more beautiful. In addition, this cushion also emphasizes the comfort of the room.

2. Coffee Table

Besides the sofa, the table is also an important item in the living room. The presence of this item will have a big impact on this room. Just like a sofa, the choice of table for the living room must also be considered. If you choose a large table, of course, make a small living room looks more cramped. With this, the coffee table is the solution.

Right Items for Small Living Room

The use of coffee tables will be far more practical than using a big table. When you want to make a small living room feel more spacious, a coffee table can be moved to the end of the room so easily.

There are so many coffee tables with unique shapes that make this item look cute. So, have you found a suitable coffee table for your small living room?

3. Wall Decoration

To make the room look attractive, the decoration is very necessary. The wall is the most appropriate media for decoration. Utilizing the wall will not take up any space in the room so it is very suitable for small living rooms.

There are many decorations that can be chosen to make the living room look cute and attractive, such as photos, paintings, sculptures, even unique plates that are also very suitable to be applied to make this small living room look artsy.

Small Living Room with Simple Decoration
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4. Carpet

Carpet is an additional item that can be used to sweeten a room. However, in a small room, the function and impact of using carpet is very large. So, using a carpet in a small room is very important.

Attractive Small Living Room
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The existence of a carpet in a small living room will give the illusion so that the living room looks more spacious. In addition, the warm atmosphere is also present and make this room feel comfortable. Choose a carpet with bright neutral colors, like white, gray, and beige. If you want to use a patterned carpet, try to choose a carpet with a simple motif.

5. LED TV Hanging

Just like carpet, TV is an additional item that can be used. The existence of a TV also makes the living room the most comfortable place. Here you can watch TV while eating your favorite snacks with loved ones.

LED TV hanging is the right choice for a small living room. You just need to make sure that the walls in your living room are empty. With this you do not need a TV table that will actually take up the space and make the small living room narrower.

Small Living Room Decoration
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