Consequences of Injury on Leisure and Maintenance of The House and Garden


We all like to refurbish our house, maintenance is of great importance. In addition, we also like to sit in the garden and gardening is relaxing for many of us. In the spring we plant new plants again and make sure everything looks great to enjoy the outdoors. In the fall we prepare the garden for winter again. In the summer everything is renovated and painted, and we especially enjoy a beautiful house and blooming garden.

Unfortunately, working at home and in the garden is not self-evident for everyone. For example, if you can no longer do odd jobs or garden because of a dog bite (Dutch: hondenbeet) or a traffic accident. There are then limitations with damage. Although this damage can be recovered by a specialist, such as a personal injury lawyer in Utrecht (in Dutch: letselschade advocaat Utrecht) life is then no longer as it was before.

Consequences of injury on home and garden maintenance

If you are involved in a traffic accident, industrial accident or dog bite and you are injured, this can have major consequences on your life. The result may be, for example, that you are incapacitated for work or experience limitations in your household tasks. However, an accident can also have consequences for garden maintenance and maintenance in and around the house. Because if you have a neck injury, back pain, leg injury or a spinal cord injury, you will probably no longer be able to do tasks in and around the house. In the event of serious injury, you may even be completely unfit to carry out your maintenance work. The question then is what to do?

Claiming personal injury compensation

If you suffer damage because of an accident at work, in many cases the employer can be held liable for the injury and damage you suffer as a result of the accident. This is called employer liability. For example, the employer is liable if you are injured because a machine is unsafe or you slip on a slippery floor. But there is also an employer’s liability if one of your colleagues causes injury to you due to a mistake or if you suffer a traffic accident during work.

Claim maintenance costs at home and garden

Is the employer liable for your personal injury? In that case, the latter must compensate for your personal injury. Part of your personal injury claim is not only income loss and help in the household, you can also claim the maintenance costs of your home and garden.

If you are therefore no longer able to maintain your home and garden yourself due to a collision during work or an industrial accident, you can recover the damage you suffer as a result from the employer. He is generally insured against liability because of an industrial accident. It is the personal injury insurer that will have to reimburse your personal injury and therefore also the maintenance costs of your home and garden.

Hire a personal injury lawyer

Claiming personal injury compensation is complicated. You can hire a personal injury lawyer or a personal injury agency for this. A legal expenses insurer can also help you to claim your personal injury and also include the costs you incur for maintenance. The condition is that the maintenance to the house and garden was carried out before the accident and that this was not already outsourced to a professional. In that case, you cannot claim the costs for maintenance of the house and the garden.