Quartz Countertop Edges: Eight Modern Styles


A kitchen makeover thoroughly considers a myriad of options, including cabinetry, countertops, tiles, furniture, appliances, and wall shades.

Countertops remain the focal point for any kitchen interiors. A highly durable engineered stone, like quartz, is one of the popular choices among homeowners. It completely transforms kitchen aesthetics and functionality. Feel free to visit this website to know more about quartz countertops.

Unfortunately, homeowners often overlook the importance of the edge profile for their countertops. But, the right quartz countertop with a perfect edge matters the most. It creates a huge difference in magnifying the look and feel of the kitchen space.

Let’s look at the latest quartz countertop modern styles to get the best one for the kitchen space.

Quartz countertop edges 101

Edges significantly affect the appearance, strength, and usability of the countertop.

Homeowners can get a multitude of quartz countertop edges styles to choose from. Picking an edge style that is safe and does not have sharp edges is recommended because it adds a finishing touch to the countertop material that won’t cause any harm.

Styling kitchen spaces with the right quartz countertop edge

#1 — Choose simplicity as a style with an eased edge countertop

An eased edge countertop comes with round corners beveled at the top. The smooth edges ease the corners and make them less prone to damage.

Eased edge countertops compliment the oddly shaped kitchen counters and fit every kitchen design style. Homeowners yearning for a simplistic look can choose this option to upscale the kitchen’s aesthetics.

#2 — Add a touch of elegance with mitered edges

The mitered edges are among the most popular quartz countertop edges commonly used in the kitchen and bathrooms. The gentle slope with a polished look blends seamlessly into any contemporary or modern interior.

Homeowners can improve the interiors by fabricating the mitered edges at the washbasin, bar, and kitchen islands. This edge profile creates a visual focal point and gives a stunning look to the kitchen space.

#3 — Go safe with beveled edges

The beveled edge countertops feature a slight angle with sharp and angular edges. The simple and elegant look makes it ideal for contemporary design kitchens and bathrooms.

The beveled edge countertops are easy to maintain and allow the spills to wipe down without causing damage to the cabinet material. Homeowners planning to revamp the spaces can go for multi-colored beveled edge countertops. It blends with any kitchen or bathroom interior.

#4 — Attain refined aesthetics with a chiseled edge

The chiseled edge countertops have rough and uneven faces. The shattered edge gives the countertop an organic character, exemplifying its inherent beauty.

It is best suited with the antique-kitchen furnishings. Homeowners can pair chiseled edges with veining quartz. This is because it mimics a rock face in the wild. It can also work well with outdoor kitchens.

#5 — Exemplify architectural detailing with ogee edge

The ogee edge features two soft curves to create an “S” shape profile. It provides an elegant look to traditional kitchen spaces. It works well with larger kitchen spaces and neutralizes the space so that extra depth does not overpower the kitchen space.

Homeowners can use subtle pattern countertops to let the countertops personify the edge shine. It can also be paired on an island with square quartz countertop edges to give it a timeless finish on the perimeters. Homeowners can go for ogee edge countertops for classic and traditional kitchen designs.

#6 — Elevate any space with a waterfall edge

A waterfall edge vertically flows down to create a continuous flow with the quartz countertops. It dramatically impacts the kitchen space and works well with traditional and industrial kitchens.

Homeowners can use the contrasting countertops material with the cabinetry to fabulously showcase the seam lines. Waterfall edge countertops are a little complicated regarding regular cleaning and maintenance.

#7 — A touch of glitz with coved edges

Coved edges enclose a rounded crescent curve that provides a classic and modern touch to the countertops. The coved edges have little sharper edges with a groove appearance. This edge completes the countertop’s beauty.

Homeowners can use the coved edge countertops near the sinks and faucets. It is a great option that makes countertops a focal point and teams well with modern and traditional kitchen spaces.

#8 — Go timeless with a bullnose edge countertop

Bullnose edge features a convex rounding on the countertop material. The rounded edges enhance the durability of the countertop material, making it less tolerant to chipping and cracking.

The softer edges make the kitchen space aesthetically pleasing and safe for the children. Homeowners can render a better finish to the kitchen spaces with matching tiles and backsplash. It creates a big difference in the kitchen interiors. Additionally, homeowners can go for this edge profile to give a polished look to the countertops.

So, these were some styles that one can go with different edge profiles. Now, let’s look at some factors to consider before choosing the edge profile for quartz countertops:

Factors to consider before choosing the edge profile for the quartz countertop


Consider the kitchen space before choosing an edge profile for a quartz countertop. The subtler edges are perfect for the smaller kitchen, and the elaborate edges are perfect for large kitchens. Depending on the space availability, an edge can maximize or minimize the look of the quartz countertop.


If homeowners want to lean the furniture directly on the countertop can go for a round edge countertop. It is perfect from the safety point of view and avoids scratching on the furniture.


The sharp edges can be unsafe if children run all over the space. Go for the edge profile that doesn’t have sharp edges to prevent injuries while bumping into the countertop.


Consider the budget before making any investment. The cost of the edge profile correlates to the quartz countertop cost. Therefore, choose an edge that fits the budget limit.

Quartz countertop edges: Eight modern styles — Conclusion

There are a plethora of edge profiles homeowners can choose for quartz countertops. Choosing a perfect edge type for the countertop is the most significant step in styling the kitchen space. Homeowners can consider the styles mentioned above to achieve flawless aesthetics with the quartz countertop edges.

Hope this post comprehends the modern quartz countertop edge styles perfect for the kitchen space.