Four Tips for A Cozy Winter Garden!


Inwinter, most people don’t want to spend time in their garden, because of the cold, rain and other weather conditions. However people spend a lot of time making it extra cozy inside. Most people don’t pay any extra attention to the garden, the terrace or the balcony during the autumn and winter. But that is a shame, because during winter people can certainly still enjoy your garden, terrace or balcony, if they put some effort in. If you wear a big, warm coat and other warm clothes and for example install a fire pit, you can easily spend a pleasant afternoon in your garden. In this blog we want to show you that this is possible, and give you four inspirational tips for a cozy garden where you can spend time during the winter season. Read on quickly to find out!

Warm lightning is a must!

When you think of a cozy atmosphere, you probably envision something with warm lights. This is of course the same when you want to turn your garden into a cozy environment. So think of a place in your garden, terrace or balcony where you can hang or place cozy lighting. When you are looking for lightning for outside, you should have a look at Fairybell US. Fairybell sells a lot of different lighting for outside, that can make your garden cozy during the winter season.

Create warmth by using fire

Next to warm lights, fire is also a great way to make sure your garden is all coziness. Make sure you can light the fire safely. You can do this in a fire bowl or fire pit, for example. Place this on your terrace and you and your family can all sit around it comfortably. Bring some extra blankets and you’ll all be nice and warm. There are different options like a garden stove or outdoor fireplace. This is also ideal, especially if you have a veranda or roof in your garden. Place it next to the lounge set and you can relax in the heat with hot

chocolate or a cup of tea.

Care for evergreen plants in your garden

In your garden, of course plants are very important. It makes the garden a lot less cozy when all the plants lose their color during winter. Therefore, make sure that you have evergreen plants in your garden, so that not everything turns grey. Think about the Skimmia, a Christmas rose or an ornamental cherry. These plants will bring some green and other colors into your garden throughout the winter.

Help animals through the winter

What could be nicer than a garden where there is a lot of wildlife. Not only do green plants provide coziness, but animals also give your garden a little more vividness. Therefore, make sure that your garden is a good place for animals to survive during the winter. To do this, it is important to provide food and shelter for them. You can do this by hanging fat balls for

birds in your garden. In addition, you can leave twigs and leaves, so hedgehogs

have a place to stay the whole winter!