Top 10 Benefits of Steam Carpet Cleaning


Why Should You Choose This Technique To Clean Your Carpets?

If you are thinking about getting your carpet steam cleaned, you might be wondering about the benefits and if steam cleaning is necessary. Steaming is one of the best cleaning methods because it’s eco-friendly and it makes sure your carpet stays new and clean. The following are the top ten reasons why professional carpet cleaners use this method to clean your carpets.

1. Removes Pollutants 

One of the main benefits of steam cleaning is that it can make your home healthier to live in. Even though you cannot see all the stuff hiding in your carpet, it’s there and it needs to be removed. The hot water from the steam can kill every pollutant on the carpet.

2. Gets Rid of Pet Odors 

If you have a pet, you probably know that their odors can stick to furniture and carpet. If you have cleaned the house and it still smells like your pet, it might be because their scent is stuck in the carpet. The hot vapor from steam can also kill fleas and their eggs.

3. Removes Stains and Dirt 

If you have pets and kids, it’s easy for your carpet to become stained and dirty. Hot water from the steam can weaken the bond between dirt and the carpet.

4. Helps Prevent Asthma 

The dirt and bacteria hiding in your carpet can start circulating in the air and cause your lungs and respiratory system to become sensitive. Asthma can be caused by many different things including cockroaches, foreign particles, and smoke from cigarettes. High steam temperature can also kill fungus, bacteria, and virus categories.

5. Makes Your Carpet Look New 

Carpet can begin to look old and lose its shiny appearance if you are not cleaning it often. Steam cleaning also makes your carpet look nicer than other methods of cleaning such as dry cleaning and things that. Steam cleaning also does not use chemicals which means no nasty powders or detergents will hide in the carpet.

6. Makes Your Carpet Last Longer 

Carpets are meant to last for a long time anyway, but steam cleaning will help retain the beauty and softness of the carpet even longer. The carpets will last the longest if they are steam cleaned every 12 to 18 months.

Foot traffic spills, and bacteria, can all ruin the carpet. People walking on the carpet can also push the soil deeper into the carpet and make it harder to clean out if you are not steam cleaning as often as you should be.

7. Prevents Mold 

Mold is one of the most common allergens and it can be serious for people that already have allergies. Carpet can trap moisture and dust which makes the perfect environment for mold to grow. Make sure in addition to steam cleaning, you are also removing shoes before going into the home and making people wipe their shoes on doormats before entering the house.

8. Dries Quickly 

Steam cleaning does not soak the carpet like other cleaning methods. Steam cleaning is perfect for those who have busy lifestyles and don’t have time to wait for the carpet to dry. You only need to wait a few hours before your carpet is ready to be walked on again.

9. Saves You Money 

Keeping up with professional carpet cleaning can be expensive. However, steam cleaning is cheaper than other methods because most companies do not use chemicals that you have to pay extra for.

10. Steam Cleaning is Eco-Friendly

Water is the main part of steam cleaning rather than chemicals and other ingredients. Since the method is eco-friendly, it keeps your home safe for all your pets and children.


How many times should I steam clean my carpet? 

There is no set number of times your carpet can be cleaned. You will need to clean more if you have a busy home or if you have pets and small children.

How long will it take my carpet to dry? 

Carpet can take about 6 to 10 hours before it dries completely. If your home is very humid, it might take longer.

Why is steam cleaning the best for carpets?

Because it uses a combination of hot water and vacuuming, it will remove debris and tough stains much better than other methods like dry cleaning.