Upgrading Your Kitchen and Cooking Experience


The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house because it’s where your family members and guests spend a great deal of time. However, the kitchen is more than a gathering spot; it is the place where you create memories, the soul of the house. Remodelling it can be a big deal for you because you’re about to change the design of the room you love the most. However, upgrading your kitchen improves its functionality, aesthetics, and enjoyment of cooking in a space that meets all your needs. A functional kitchen design also boosts the real estate value of the house.

If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your cooking experience but are on a budget, there are some options you can explore. If the kitchen cabinets are still functional but no longer meet your needs or match the overall house design, you can update them instead of replacing them. You can get a new kitchen look with refacing cabinets because you’ll keep the existing boxes but replace the doors, hardware, and drawer fronts.

Reasons to upgrade your kitchen

Meet the latest trends

The latest kitchen design trends would make your house look more lively, functional, and aesthetic. Kitchens nowadays aren’t designed to feature matchy-matchy countertops, cabinets and accessories. Current kitchen designs promote smart storage, kitchen islands, a compact design, and top-notch technology. Even if you’re short of money, you can still upgrade your kitchen to match the latest trends if you reface the cabinets and replace some old appliances with new ones.

Tech upgrade

There have been significant improvements in kitchen tech over the last couple of years, so if you didn’t upgrade your appliances in more than 5 years, now’s the ideal moment to do it. You can choose from a vast variety of smart tech because automated technology is widely available in kitchen accessories.

Bring more of your style into the kitchen

Traditionally, the average kitchen includes cabinets, countertops, a refrigerator, a stove, and other appliances. Even if these are common in all kitchens, you can customise the space to match your taste and style. Start with upgrading the cabinets because they change the room’s overall look.

Save time in the kitchen

Kitchen remodelling enables you to minimise your effort in the kitchen because it helps you save time when cooking or cleaning. Spending less time in the kitchen means you have more to share with your family and friends.

Why cabinet refacing is a great idea

Kitchen cabinet refacing implies replacing the drawer fronts and doors of your current cabinets and applying a new veneer over the surface of the bodies. The hardware is also usually replaced during the process to change the overall look of the kitchen furniture.

If you’re not sure if cabinet refacing is the best idea when upgrading your kitchen, here are three reasons why interior designers recommend it.

It saves money

Kitchen renovations are often expensive, so you might have second thoughts about engaging in a remodel project. However, refacing the cabinets can cost 50% less than changing the units with new ones. Kitchen cabinets get worn with time because it’s one of the house’s rooms with high traffic, so you need to upgrade them regularly to maintain them functional and aesthetically pleasing. If you just purchased the house, the cabinetry can date the building and greatly need improvement. When the furniture body is sturdy and functional, refacing the exterior can create kitchen aesthetics that align with the house’s overall look and enable you to modernise the space. Why engage in an extensive and costly remodel when you can pick a more affordable alternative?

It improves the cabinets’ function and appearance

You might hate the fact that your cabinets don’t match with the countertops or the overall design of the kitchen. Hiring a contractor to reface them can help you achieve a balanced look that creates the impression of a cohesive space. Once you revamp the exteriors of the boxes, everything will match flawlessly and look like you’re entering a new kitchen.

Refacing the cabinets can change the space to a different interior style to match the rest of the house. There is a wide range of colours and models available to match your preference. Let the functionality of the space be the deciding factor when remodelling the kitchen because, at the end of the day, the kitchen serves a major purpose; it allows you to cook meals for your family.

The hardware is the finishing touch of cabinet refacing. Hardware includes the pulls, knobs, and other accessories that make it easier to open and close the drawers and cabinets. Talk with your contractor to replace the old drawer slides and hinges with soft-close versions to boost their function. Hardware is essential in boosting the function and look of your kitchen.

It offers design flexibility

The benefit of refacing the cabinets is that you can adapt their appearance to match any space or design; there are no limitations. Did you just install granite countertops, and your cabinets no longer match the look? No problem, you can change their exterior on a budget, and your kitchen will look modern. Did you just add a new pantry and want to upgrade the rest of the units? You can reface only the bases of the cabinets or part of the units to gain a modern look. Get in touch with a professional to help you decide what design best matches your kitchen and what parts to upgrade.

Final words

Cabinet refacing is ideal when you want to remodel the kitchen on a budget and your existing cabinets are in good shape and well-constructed. It’s also the best option when you’re happy with the existing kitchen layout, and you only need to upgrade the exterior of the units to improve their functionality. However, when the cabinets have structural problems, or they lack proper internal storage, you should consider replacing them with new units.