6 Room Design Ideas for Your Apartment


Decorating an apartment can seem a little overwhelming sometimes. You might not be sure of what size your wall art should be, or if you can add bright colors without making the rooms seem smaller or too busy. Oakland apartments are easy to make cozy and homey, but you might need to plan all of the room design elements carefully to make sure that they all work out.

If you have been trying to figure out how to design the rooms in your apartment, you are in luck! There are some really great tips and tricks for planning apartment room design that you can take advantage of. There are some great ways to make an apartment delightful and well-decorated.

If you are ready to learn more about how to use room design in your apartment, read on!

Room Design Ideas for Your Apartment

1. Make the Room Seem Larger

This is often one of your main goals when you are working on room design in an apartment. Some apartment spaces can just feel cramped without the right style elements in place. There are many ways to add a sense of space to a smaller room, however. You will be amazed at how easy it can be to make a small room look bigger with the right styling selections.

Buy furniture that is not heavy and that has eye-catching legs. The delicacy of smaller furniture, combined with the longer legs, will add a sense of lightness and space to the room. It is always a good rule of thumb to opt for lighter wall colors like tans, whites, and blues in a smaller room.

While you are shopping for art for this kind of space, you should make sure that it is not oversized. Wall art that takes up too much of the walls can make spaces feel even smaller. While you are adding art, you can also add a few strategically placed mirrors in these types of spaces to increase the sense of space in the room.

2. Use Smart Storage Solutions

Storage can be a real struggle in an apartment, and you might end up with clutter that you don’t want on many of the surfaces. If you want to avoid this common concern, make sure to maximize your storage options. You can use collapsible furniture, stackable or hidden storage, and clever storage solutions that will allow you to organize items under your bed or other taller furniture.

There are so many storage solutions out there that you might not even know which ones to choose! Always try to maximize the space in your closets and other storage-specific spaces before investing in storage solutions for the rest of the rooms in your apartment. You will be happiest if your items that need to be stored are all in one place if at all possible.

3. Add a Bold Accent Wall

Sometimes all a room needs to have some sense of depth and perspective is a bright accent wall. Consider the color of the furniture or the appliances in the space that you will add the accent wall to before you choose a color. If you have black appliances, for example, you might want to pick a bright blue or red paint. If you have lighter furnishings, you might need to pick a green or some other more neutral color.

Bold accent paint can draw the eye to the back of the room and make spaces seem much larger than it really is.

4. Use Area Rugs To Divide Up Spaces

Sometimes apartments might be mostly one large room. This is true of loft-style apartments and this lack of walls can lead to a sense of chaos in an apartment. You can combat this sense of business with carefully-placed area rugs.

Buying a unique rug for each space in a loft apartment adds division to the spaces and makes the entire room feel less like one big, cluttered space. You might want to consider the color of the rugs so that none of them clash or seem out of place.

5. Add Plants

Adding the right ratio of tasteful plants to your apartment can help to make it seem more spacious and inviting. You can’t have a plant in every corner if you want this to work, but using plants as the eye-catching accent in a room can be a great way to create a sense of spaciousness.

Picking out a bit of greenery, or some indoor flowering plants can make your rooms seem larger and more open. An added benefit to this styling choice is that your apartment will smell better and seem more refreshingly outdoorsy.

6. Add an Electric Fireplace

There is just some cozy and expansive feeling about a fireplace. Adding an electric fireplace to your apartment will immediately convey the sense of a larger space, and you will get the added aesthetic benefits that go along with a fireplace.

Being able to heat your living room, or your bedroom with this stylish addition adds to the value that is conveyed by adding an electric fireplace to your design plan. There is no way to go wrong with an electric fireplace and your apartment will look more complete as soon as you add one.

Room Design Can be Easy With These Tips and Tricks

Designing the right plan to make your apartment cozy and homey without sacrificing a sense of space is easy when you are armed with the right tricks and tips. Your apartment might actually be smaller than you would like, but it can look bigger and more inviting with a few small changes.

Adding the right all art, the correct type of furniture, and an electric fireplace can make your apartment feel like a much larger and much more welcoming space. Creating an inviting space is often about balancing the right style elements to create your chosen effect.

If you take advantage of these tips and tricks, you will be amazed at the change that you can make to your apartment’s sense of spaciousness and style!