How to Keep Your Car Fresh Without Dangerous Chemicals

Polishing steering wheel

Keeping your car clean and fresh should be a top priority for any proud car owner. But unfortunately, a lot of products to help you do just that can be filled with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other harmful chemicals. But with the vast industry of car care products and fresheners available, how are you supposed to know what’s safe to use in your vehicle and which products contain potentially toxic and dangerous chemicals?

Thankfully, plenty of natural methods and products are available to freshen up your car without worrying about using anything that’s possibly bad for you. So keep reading for some general natural products and DIY concoctions you can create to keep your car fresh without using dangerous chemicals.

Top Ways to Fresh Your Car Without Chemicals

There are many natural ways to keep your vehicle clean and fresh without using any potentially dangerous chemicals. Some of the most common methods include the following items:

Baking Soda

One of the simplest, cheapest, and most effective ways to keep your car fresh naturally is to just use some baking soda. You probably already have it in your pantry, and if not, it’s very cheap to buy by the pound, either online or in-store, especially if you don’t care about using a name brand.

You can sprinkle it on stained areas and floor mats to help deodorize them. You can also put some baking soda in a small mason jar, cover it with a cardboard lid with holes punched in it, and put it in your cup holder to help absorb any future odors. Just be sure to replace it monthly or as needed.

Activated Charcoal

Another way to keep your vehicle clean and fresh naturally is to utilize activated charcoal fresheners. Activated charcoal helps deodorize the air in your car and keeps it fresh for weeks.

You can fill a cloth bag with activated charcoal pellets or discs and hang it around your rearview mirror with a string like an air freshener. Then, like baking soda, simply replace it each month or more often if you have to.

Essential Oils

Essential oils aren’t just for smelling great, treating conditions, and creating a soothing atmosphere in the home — they’re excellent for freshening your vehicle too! Remember that a little goes a long way with these oils; never forget that less is more.

You could place a couple of drops on a clothespin or other small wooden item and place it near problem areas or just in a safe spot in your car. You could also clip the clothespin to your vent, or you could consider gluing a cotton ball to it and placing a few drops on it.

Keeping Your Car Fresh, Naturally

As you can see, keeping your car fresh and clean without using any nasty or dangerous chemicals doesn’t have to be difficult. With a few simple ingredients and a bit of basic ingenuity, you can have a clean and fresh car, naturally.

Of course, on top of keeping your car clean and fresh on the go, you also want to ensure it’s properly protected. Consider investing in an extended warranty to complement your insurance policy to ensure you’re completely covered. Furthermore, if you need to ship your vehicle, consider contacting a full-service vehicle shipping provider to help you.