The Definitive Resource for Choosing a Residential Intercom System


Many things you should know when selecting a Residential intercom system to guarantee it will function properly in your building.

From the most fundamental features to the most sophisticated ones, we’ll walk you through everything and explain why it matters.

But it doesn’t imply you know how to go out and find the correct one.

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What exactly is a home intercom system?

An apartment building or small group of buildings may employ a freestanding, two-way communication device called a residential intercom system to provide residents and guest’s access to the property.

These often include a speaker, microphone, and, increasingly frequently, a camera to capture video at the building entrance and operate independently of the public telephone network.

Visitors and apartment residents may utilize this audio and video to announce their arrival and ask to enter the complex or building. It is recorded and sent to the various occupants of each building.

Before allowing guests inside their areas, residents may see and hear who they’re speaking to confirm their identification and safety. Furthermore, it isn’t even a hassle.

Residents may now control doors from anywhere, and managers can check access on their end thanks to modern technology.

Permissions may be added or removed at any time by property management. Installing an apartment intercom system or updating an outdated one is often a no-brainer for renters and guests alike.

The system that is now in place could no longer be operating correctly, or you might want to replace one that prior management teams put in place.

Either way, it’s crucial to conduct some research to identify the finest apartment security system for your building before installing or replacing an intercom system.

How Does It Function?

Different house intercom systems have diverse configurations, power supplies, and functions. The basic idea is the same. However, it involves one person speaking in a microphone or in front of a camera and another hearing or seeing the conversation on a remote computer or mobile device.

Components for a Home Intercom System

The base station is the nerve center of any home intercom system and connects all the other components. It might be an absolute gadget or an app that lives in the cloud and can be accessed from a mobile device. Another part is the intercom stations, which have a camera and microphone for a two-way conversation. This section of the intercom system is often installed outside the main entrance, gate, or wherever guests are greeted. Some systems need an additional intercom station to be installed inside the house before you can speak with guests or grant them entrance, while others let you accomplish all of that from afar using a smartphone app.

Is it necessary to have a video intercom system in your apartment building?

Technology has progressed to the point where video intercoms are necessary.

With a video intercom system, you may talk to people outside the building, whether it’s to let them know they need to enter via a particular door, to let your family know you’re okay in case of an emergency, or for any of the other uses that make video intercoms useful in the modern world.

Although there is a significant increase in bandwidth requirements due to video transmissions, there are several advantages to using a video intercom.

Whether it’s loved ones or couriers, residents often get frequent visits. Many tenants like to observe who is visiting before allowing them in.

This will help your residents feel safer by allowing them to verify visitors before admitting them inside. People tend to act more politely when they know they are being videotaped.

For added safety in your building, this is a fantastic choice. Everyone who enters or leaves is recorded on camera with the time and date marked.

Setup of a Household Intercom System

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