5 Reasons Why You Should Opt for a Hybrid Solar System


Solar energy has revolutionized the world of energy in the last few years. It has become increasingly efficient and cost-effective while also offering a sense of energy security in a time of geopolitical crisis and fluctuating energy prices.

If you’re thinking about investing in a hybrid solar system for your energy needs at home, keep reading to learn more about its many advantages!

What is a Hybrid Solar System?

As the name suggests, a hybrid solar system combines two kinds of solar energy systems in one. As a user, what this means to you is that the hybrid solar system comes with a battery system to store excess energy generated by your solar panels. So you are covered even if you run out of solar energy for any reason, whether that’s needing a little extra power over the weekend or cloudy weather.

In a hybrid solar system, inverters are used to convert the energy generated from sunlight — stored in direct current form — into alternating current, which can then be used by your electronic devices and home appliances. A hybrid solar system also comes equipped with a battery to give you extra security if you run out of power. It stores any extra energy generated by your solar panels for use later, as and when you need it.

The Advantages of a Hybrid Solar System

Hybrid solar systems come with a wide gamut of advantages for your home. Benefits for you include:

  1. A Constant and Uninterrupted Supply of Power

Hybrid solar systems are equipped with batteries. This means they aren’t entirely dependent on the presence of sunlight to supply you with energy. While there is sunny weather, a hybrid solar system generates energy and uses it to power your home.

In the absence of a steady supply of sunlight, say at night, or due to inclement weather, the battery can be used as a source of power to meet your energy needs until your solar panels can start working again.

  1. You’re Dependent on a Renewable Resource

Unlike energy produced by the burning of fossil fuels, hybrid solar systems depend on a clean and infinitely renewable source of energy: the sun. The hybrid solar system is particularly efficient because of its ability to store excess energy in a battery; this means it allows you to make use of solar energy to maximum efficiency as no energy goes to waste.

  1. Hybrid Solar Systems are Low Maintenance

Hybrid solar systems require little to no maintenance. There is no fuel involved and no complicated equipment. All the maintenance you need to do is clean your solar panels off once in a while. The right battery, too, such as one of high quality made by Luminous India, requires little maintenance. All you’ll need to do is keep it clean and dust-free.

  1. Hybrid Solar Systems are Cost Effective

With hybrid solar systems, all your investment amounts to the cost of acquiring and installing solar panels, an inverter, and a battery. Once you’re set up, no more electricity bill, no more incidental costs. Your source of electricity is the sun — a free resource.

  1. You May be Eligible for Government Subsidies

Governments all over the world are increasingly pushing for a switch to greener and more sustainable forms of energy like solar energy. If you’re thinking about investing in a hybrid solar system, you may be eligible for government rebates or schemes to help you subsidize the cost of conversion too!


There’s no denying it anymore: solar is the future of energy in the world. With fossil fuels becoming more expensive, hybrid solar systems offer a green and efficient energy alternative that is easily accessible to all. Partnering with a trusted brand for your hybrid solar system, like Luminous India, can help you get the most out of your investment in the green revolution.