Top 6 Simple Ways to Improve Air Quality at Home for Better Health


You probably don’t think much about the air quality in your home, especially if you don’t spend a lot of time indoors. The truth is that air quality significantly affects your health more than you realize. In fact, some symptoms like allergies, headaches, eye irritation, or dizziness could result from poor air quality. Poor air quality is also linked to allergies, respiratory problems, and cancer. Therefore, it is vital to think about air quality in your home and find ways to improve it. The following are six simple ways of improving indoor air quality for better health.

  • Open the Windows

A simple way to improve the air quality inside your house is by opening windows and doors. Enough room for fresh air improves air quality by providing proper circulation. So, leaving some windows open is advisable to improve air quality, whether inside the house or away.

  • Change Air Filters

Another way of getting quality air in the house is by changing your furnace air filters. The work of air filters is to filter dust, debris, and contaminants in the air. With time, the dirt accumulates and blocks the filters, lowering the air quality in the house. Therefore, during furnace repair Calgary, ensure you clean or replace the air filters. This goes the same for other appliances. Ensure the filters are clean all the time to give out clean air.

  • Replace Your Thermostat

Getting a thermostat that pushes the air around your home can be a good idea when not utilizing your AC. This helps maintain quality airflow, so you come home to a healthy home. A smart thermostat can also allow you to turn it on and off automatically from your phone for extra circulation.

  • Remove Your Shoes

You don’t know what is at the bottom of your shoes. Therefore, always removing the shoes whenever you get home is advisable. You can keep a shoe rack or boot tray at the entrance or patio to ensure no dirty shoes enter the house. Shoes can collect pests, dirt, pesticides, and other pollutants that could enter the house.

  • Avoid Smoking in the House

It may be an obvious point but not everyone knows the effect of smoking in the house. So, don’t allow anyone to smoke in your home. Besides the bad odor from secondhand smoke, it increases the chance of developing cancer, asthma, and other health complications. If you or your guest have to smoke, do it outside, away from the house.

  • Add Indoor Plants

Last but not least, adding indoor plants also helps improve indoor air quality. Indoor plants are natural air purifiers. So, go for what you like or the plants that go well with your space. Some plants thrive well in sunlight, while others need little to no light. Pick the right plants, like snake plant, to make your space look beautiful while improving air quality.


There are other ways to improve the air quality in your home. However, these are the most effective ones that will help maintain a comfortable home and avert healthy complications resulting from poor air quality.