Learn the Environmental Benefits of Metal Roofing


Over the years, metal has emerged as the top pick used in roofs. There are a number of reasons that support this surge in popularity. Reasons such as cost-effectiveness and abundance of styles have caused consumers to switch to metal and metal roofing contractors. In addition to efficiency and looks, metal roofs are also great for promoting the environment.

The Rise in Eco-Friendly Infrastructure

Due to environmental changes, the construction and infrastructure industry is looking at increasing ways to create establishments that better suit the environment. The amount of garbage generated by the home renovation industry itself is a saddening number. However, amends can still be made to protect the environment from further damage.

Moreover, in many ways, it is our responsibility to make environmentally-sound decisions while thinking of building or renovating our homes. Conscious planning will go a long way in creating a clean and green future.

The Positive Impact of Metal Roofs on the Ecosystem

With numerous roof materials to choose from, your choice must favor both your personal goals and the environment. Although every material has its pros and cons, the use of metal roofs has been associated with a positive link with the environment.

Here are some reasons why metal roofing contributes to the betterment of our environment and results in sustainable living:

1. Metal Roofs are Efficient

Metal roofs possess high degrees of heat emissivity and solar reflectivity, making them by virtue an efficient material. These specific characteristics of metal roofing can save homeowners about 40% on their annual utility bills.

Moreover, a metal roof is also known to add great value to the property. Some studies suggest that switching to light-colored metal roofing has the potential to conserve up to 20% of energy and to keep the home colder by up to ten degrees.

2. Metal Roofs Provide a Longer Lifespan

A meticulously-constructed metal roof will be able to withstand the effect of external forces with minimal maintenance. These roofs are more durable in the face of difficult weather conditions and have a great estimated lifespan as compared to other roofing materials.

Unlike asphalt shingles or tiles, there is no need to replace metal roofs frequently. The estimated lifespan of a well-constructed metal roof is approximately 50 years. These roofs can withstand harsh conditions of snow, rain and even hail. Ultimately, metal roofs will require minimal maintenance on the part of the homeowner, hence saving both resources and money.

Furthermore, unlike roofing materials such as shingles, metal roofs do not get tears, discoloration, fractures or crumbling. On top of that, these roofs function well with rainwater storage units and are resistant to pesky bugs.

3. Roofs Made of Metal Leave Smaller Carbon Footprints

Metal roofing also aids in reducing the elements of smog and pollutants. By strongly reflecting the radiation of the Sun, metal roofs ensure that less heat is absorbed inside your house. This would ultimately result in less energy being utilized to create a pleasant home atmosphere and take a significant burden off of HVAC appliances. This overall reduction in energy use lowers the emissions of CO2 and results in enhanced energy conservation.

4. Metal Roofing Results in Reduced Landfill Waste

In the majority of cases, replacing the roof of a residential establishment requires the extraction and dumping of the old roof. The ruins of the old roof are then dumped in landfills. Conscious homeowners can avoid adding to the piles of waste by choosing roofs made of metal.

Metal roofing does not require frequent replacements while providing the utmost safety to the house. Adding to this, metal roofs also tend to be lightweight, making them easier to dispose of in the case of repair and replacement. This makes metal roofs the ideal choice to save money and the environment in one go.

Final Words

Metal roofing systems have become one of the most popular choices among conscious consumers who wish to contribute to the welfare of the environment. Choosing metal as the primary roofing material is highly advantageous for the world we call home and will surely give your house a chic look.

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