Basic Rules for Buying Bathroom Faucets


Bathroom faucets add style and functionality to that important place in your home. Furthermore, when it comes to equipping our bathroom, the faucet continues to be a main piece. An essential product that, thanks to the wide current offer, allows you to have all types of products adapted to the style of your bathroom and decoration.

Whether for bathtubs, showers, sinks or bidets, bathroom faucets are a great example of design. Modern, minimalist, classic, large, small or chrome, they are essential for the functioning of a bathroom or bathroom, and they must be functional and efficient since it is an accessory that is accessed several times a day. Here in this guide, we are going to discuss the basic rules for buying bathroom faucets.

Basic rules for buying bathroom faucets:

Types of Bathroom Faucets

There are different types of bathroom faucets whose exclusive design provides style and draws attention to their shapes and finishes.

  • Shelf Faucets:Countertop faucets are those that are installed directly on the countertop.
  • Wall or Built-In Faucets: Wall-mounted or built-in faucets are those pieces that are installed directly on the wall.
  • Single Level Faucets: Single-lever faucets are those that only have one control to regulate the flow and mix hot water with cold water.
  • Double Taps: Two-handle faucets are those that have one key for cold water and another for hot water. They have an old aesthetic, giving a rustic touch to the room. They are more common in bathrooms than in kitchens. 

Know the water pressure:

To get a good flow of water from your faucets, the water pressure must be sufficient. You should check the flow of water to which you will have access in both showers and sinks before choosing a particular faucet. Ideally, this simple job should be done by a plumber. Keep in mind that faucets mounted directly on the wall require much more water pressure than two separate faucets mounted directly on the sink.

Measure the water outlets:

It may seem like a fairly obvious suggestion. Still, before choosing a faucet, it is always a good idea to carefully measure the size of the hole (to accommodate the water pipe and faucet) in the sink or shower, measuring both holes or one (depending on whether it is a single-lever or two-lever faucet), this before choosing the appropriate faucet.

Choose the right style for your bathroom:

Should I choose the type of faucet according to the style of the bathroom or the style of the bathroom according to the type of faucet I want? The answer is pretty easy. The important thing is to choose something that is in tune with the other accessories in the bathroom or that, on the contrary, creates a total but attractive contrast with them. From experience, we can tell you that sometimes nothing is as it seems. We have retro faucet designs that go very well in bathrooms with modern touches, and at the same time, some of our modern faucets stand out in charming retro sinks. Therefore, do not limit yourself and let your creativity fly.

Research about materials:

When choosing faucets for the bathroom, not only the design of the pieces should be taken into account. You have to pay attention to the material they are made of, whether they are resistant or not and how many years their useful life is. With this information, it is easier to decide which are the best proposals for the home and which model is appropriate.

Not all faucets are created equal. Taking into account that we want it to be resistant like itself, the ideal is for it to be made of aluminium or stainless steel. The new designs take great care of this point since buyers are not only looking for a beautiful specimen but one that they can keep for long periods.

The quality of the faucet is of utmost importance; this will avoid headaches and disappointment in the short term. At Wellfor, we offer you a varied range of faucets with unmatched features; our faucets for sinks, showers, and freestanding wall-mounted tub faucets are equipped with quality parts.

Choose the best finish:

The finish of your faucet is of primary importance and can consist of coloured lacquer or chrome, whether polished, satin, or matte. In this case, it is not only about the style but also the quality of the finish; make sure that the chrome is thick enough and that the highest quality materials have been used. When cleaning faucets, never use harsh detergents that can ruin the finish.

Look for the perfect balance between quality, price and design:

Likewise, it is recommended to look for a product that has the perfect balance between quality, price and design. The minimalist style is not only trending around the world, but it adapts to many types of bathrooms and kitchens. However, it is necessary to evaluate the type of house and choose the faucets based on this.

That is if we have a traditional, colonial or antique-style house, low spout faucets with a more rounded design will be the most appropriate. On the other hand, if our house has a modern design, it is the high peaks and fine, straight lines that combine best. Finding the model that best adapts to these characteristics and that responds in price and quality will be the best decision.

Trusted brands:

For these products, the ideal is to look for a firm that we know or that we know has a reputation for being good since when it comes to changing or presenting the guarantee, it will be much easier for us to obtain it.

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