How To Extend The Doors Service Life


General cleaning – an activity unpleasant, but certainly useful. A clean apartment is easy to breathe and pleasing to the eye. But more and more often it is considered that to make a cleaning – is to wipe the dust from horizontal surfaces, interior items, and then wash the floors and vacuum the carpets. But what about the doors? After all, the same dirt is deposited on them, and in order for it to last a long time, it is necessary to follow certain rules:

  • Before you wash the door, adjust and lubricate the hinges and locks;
  • Wood does not like humidity more than 65% and temperatures above 24°C;
  • Use the door leaf carefully – no product can disguise a deep scratch or a big dent;
  • Remove fresh stains from the surface without delay;
  • Prolong the life of low-quality canvases can paint in two layers;
  • During the period of repair work, close the doors with polyethylene – this will save time on cleaning.

Take care of all the details of the door.

It is very important to choose the right door cleaner – natural solid and veneer are washed with solutions with different component compositions. The following little tricks are also valid:

  • Glasses in door inserts are best cleaned with cool water with a few drops of ammonia added;
  • Metal inserts are washed with a soap solution;
  • Doors are cleaned with a soft cloth; a separate microfiber cloth is a good solution;
  • Decorative inserts, shapes and door handles are dusted at least twice a week;
  • handles and locks are treated with a mild disinfectant solution if possible.
  • Careless handling and insufficient care are the main reasons why a door loses its beauty and becomes dull and unattractive.

Wooden interior items always look beautiful and appropriate no matter what style and design prevails in the apartment, house or office. Extend service life, clean any dirt, refresh the appearance or restore the product made of wood is quite simple, if you often wash the interior doors 200 Sunny Isles Blvd Sunny Isles Beach in Florida recommend to pick up harmless means for cleaning and polishing.

Ways to extend the service life

Care for wooden interior doors is not only in constant cleaning or coating with paint substances, but also to extend the operating life of the product.

To do this, it is necessary to constantly check the functionality of the hinges, maintain the right temperature, the level of humidity in the room, etc.

Necessary measures include:

Checking the hinges. To do this, the folding or simple door is removed twice a year, lubricate the joints with special agents, adjust the fasteners.

Inspection, replacement, cleaning of fittings. If necessary, you should change the locks, handles, glass inserts, mirrors, plastic, etc.

Maintain a standard room temperature in the room where the wooden door is installed. The room should not be too hot or cold, the leaf should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

Keeping the humidity level between 50-60%. A higher percentage can cause the wood to dry out and the door to be replaced soon.

Timely cleaning of dirt and dust.

The use of a thick film during repairs, which should cover wooden doors.

A natural wood door is an environmentally friendly, durable, incredibly beautiful piece of interior that can fit into any design and style. If you choose gentle means for cleaning, properly care for delicate surfaces, they can serve their owner for decades, because a wooden entrance or interior door is the face of the whole house.