40 Small Apartment Design Ideas, Designing and Decorating Tiny Apartment!

Small apartment design ideas
©Silvia Reguera Interiorismo

An apartment is the most housing place choice by many people as it is simple to manage. However, do you know about designing and decorating small apartment even a tiny apartment design? because some people said living in the apartment could be boring as we only have a limit space.

Now, we have a solution for you to design and to decorate your tiny apartment. You can make it bigger by arranging the stuff on the right way. Why should we feel boring while we can decorate our apartment design to be bigger?

The most important to know about making you comfortable with your small apartment is to decorate it with only a simple staff and also to give a bright color ( using a dark color could make your apartment look small ). Then you can also give your apartment design with some pattern to make it live. So we are in a small apartment which looks live.

Designing and Decorating Tips for Small Apartment Designs

  1. Use light color on the walls and floors
  2. Hang a mirror, place it opposite to the window
  3. Install floating shelves, it really helpful to save your space to save your stuff
  4. Make use of corner, place some your activity stuff on the corner so it can save the middle space of your room
  5. Use several colors to your wall, do not use a single color on your wall. You can blend it with some colors which are matching together
  6. Choose scaled down furniture
  7. Use a single table which has multifunction ( to do your work, to do your dinner, to read a book and so on )
  8. Bring in a plant, it will make your room looks live
  9. Pull furniture away from the wall, you can give a few inches between your wall and your furniture
  10. Add vertical stripes, really helpful to make your ceiling looks a little bit high

Tiny Apartment Design Example

Small apartment decorating by Art Buro
© Art Buro

1. Combining Small Apartment Decorating With Multifunctional Japanese Style Ideas In It

Small apartment interior design
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2. Creating A Small Apartment Interior Design With Smart Arrangement And Tips To Make It Fashionable

small purple apartment design
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small bedroom decorating ideas
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4. A Cute Small Apartment Design Combine With Beautiful Feature and Pastel Color Decor

Small apartment decor
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5. Applying Modern Scandinavian Style In Small Apartment Decor With Helpful Tips For You

Modern interior design ideas
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6. Applying Modern Interior Design Ideas With Japanese Style For Small Apartment

Modern small apartment design
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7. Stunning Small Apartment Decoration Ideas Beautified With Modern Interior And Smart Decoration Inspiring You

Small apartment design
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8. Inspiring Contemporary Small Apartment Design Beautified Monochrome Ideas and Tips Special For You

Modern apartment design
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9. Decorating Modern Apartment Design Combined Colorful Interior Ideas Special For Small Apartment Design

Small apartment design ideas
©Silvia Reguera Interiorismo

10. Inspiring Small Apartment Design Ideas With Dynamic Interior And Amazing Tips That Inspire You In 2016

Creative storage ideas for small living room
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11. Creative Storage Ideas For Small Apartment Which Suitable For You

small dining room apartment design
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12. Decorating Small Apartment Design For Young Girl Brings A Feminine Impression

Small apartment interior design by Peek Architecture
© Peek Architecture

13. A Small Apartment Interior Design With Smart Inspiration In It

Yellow living room ideas
© Mariia Movchan

14. Small Apartment Design With Yellow Shades by Mariia Movchan

Dark living room theme
© Sergey Makhno

15. Dark Interior Design Inspiration for Small Apartment Concept

Small and effective apartment design
© Andrew and Alain Timonina

16. Minimalist Small Apartment Decor Which Suitable For Young Adult

Small apartment designs ideas
© Igor Glushan

17. Minimalist Concept – Small Apartment Design by Igor Glushan

small apartment design
© Thai3dviz

18. Dark Color For Small Apartment Interior Design With Exposed Brick Walls

Dark apartment design
© Leqb Architecture

19. Small Apartment Design With Dark Color Shades That Perfect For A Young Couple

Small apartment designs ideas
© KDVA Architects

20. Modern Small Apartment Design With Purple Color

Classic living room interior design
© Xiang Chen

21. Classic Design Interior Ideas For Small Apartment

Small living room design idea
© Juliya Butova

22. Small Apartment Interior Design With Neutral Color Palette

Minimalist apartment interior design
© Stanislav Kaminskyi Design

23. Minimalist Interior Design Style For Small Apartment

small apartment design
© Nott Design

24. Small Apartment Design Concept With Light Interiors

Scandinavian style looks amazing
© Landusheva Nastia

25. Small Apartment Design With Scandinavian Style That Looks Charming

Small vintage apartment design ideas
© Alfonso Design Ideas

26. Combining Vintage and Modern style In A Small Apartment Design Ideas

Small apartment design ideas
© Lera Brumina

27. Small Apartment Design Under 600 Square Feet

Urban apartment design style
© Curly Studio

28. 2 Urban Interior Design Style In A Small Apartment

Small apartment design with wood decor
© Oleh Vynarchyk

29. Magnificent Wood Decor For Small Apartment Design

Super small studio apartment decorating ideas
© Tanya Dorokhina

30. Super Small Apartment Decorating Ideas With Beautiful Accent

Black and white small apartment design ideas
© Emil Dervish

31. Black and White Small Apartment Design Ideas

Small apartment design ideas
© Daria Elnikova

32. 2 Small Apartment with Modern Minimalist Interior Design

Beautiful apartment interior design style
© Lera Brumina

33. Small Apartment with Beautiful Wood Interior Design Styles

Unique interior design syles
© Tanya Dorokhina

34. Dark Interior Design Styles For Small Apartment

Small apartment design ideas
© Mi Casa Revista

35. Small Apartment Design Ideas For People Who Like Simplicity

Small apartment interior design
© Stanislav Borozdinskiy

36. Soft and Cozy Shades for Small Apartment Design Ideas

Modern living room
© Pavel Alekseev

37. 3 Small Apartment Ideas That Creates The Cheerful Atmosphere

Modern interior design style
© Alex Koretsky and Viktoria Pashinskaya

38. Small Apartment Design Ideas with The Dark Shades

Modern living room furniture
© Your Project

39. Small Apartment Decorating Ideas With Yellow Shades

white apartment ideas
© Helen Baranova

40. Small Apartment Design For Couples

Those are 40 small apartment designs to help your designing and decorating yours. We hope you could enjoy viewing our tiny apartment design ideas.