5 Benefits of Choosing Concrete Flooring Over Traditional Floors


Your traditional flooring may show some signs of wear and tear as the years pass by; you may be thinking what the best option is in enhancing the look of your old flooring without spending too much money. Concrete resurfacing Indianapolis is one of the best options you have in improving the look of your home or business concrete spaces. Depending on your flooring needs, indianapolisconcreteartisans.com can help you layout and achieve your desired concrete look.

Traditional flooring systems can still be an option for you. But due to modern design concrete flooring offers, more and more homeowners and businesses are choosing concrete flooring over the traditional ones. The most common types of interior or exterior concrete floors include stamped, stained, and sealed concrete blended with a decorative finish. This diverse and versatile material provides several benefits over the traditional flooring system. The top benefits of concrete flooring include:

1. Affordable Price Point

Stamped, stained, and sealed concrete will only cost you a few dollars, most concrete contractors charge per square foot. Compared to traditional flooring where the maintenance cost could be expensive, concrete flooring has lower maintenance costs. But you do not have to worry, cause Concrete contractors Nashville, TN provides a more diverse and certainly affordable price. Once the concrete is installed you don’t need to worry about the monthly maintenance cost.

Homeowners can maximize the use of their concrete flooring for many years at an affordable price.

2. Variety of Design Options

One of the few great features of concrete flooring installation is that you can choose from a wide range of color and design options, the material can also be customized based on your desired look. Most colors and designs are complementary to the interior and exterior design of your home or business; these factors are important in the overall outcome of the project.

A concrete flooring system can be sealed with a sheen, gloss, or matte finish. Limitless pattern and texture options are also available and can easily be obtained through various installation techniques.

3. Unique Modern Finishes

Concrete flooring installation provides a unique modern look to the indoor or outdoor appearance of your property. This type of material allows clients and customers to express their individuality by having the freedom to choose from a wide range of design options.

If you’re up to a unique modern finish for your home or business properties, then concrete flooring is the right option for you.

4. Long-lasting Finishes 

Concrete flooring can last for approximately 15-25 years; the material is evidently durable because it can withstand any damage or impact, especially if the flooring is professionally sealed.

Sealers provide flooring protection from chemical spills and harmful substances that can cause significant damages to the concrete flooring. The use of this kind of material is also one reason why concrete flooring can be easily cleaned compared to traditional flooring, where the use of detergents is needed to maintain the beauty of the floor.

5. Low Maintenance

Concrete flooring can be easily maintained by mopping the surface with soapy water, making you save more time. Traditional floors require weekly intensive cleaning, making you spend more time and money. The comparison of both shows you, which is more economical and efficient for any property.