Luxury Apartment Design Arranged With Open Plan and Awesome Decorating Ideas In It

luxury apartment design
© Design Studio Mango – Do you want to design your apartment? Decorating an apartment is not too easy if you cannot choose the suitable design for applying in. Therefore, we would like to share a luxury apartment design with a perfect and awesome decorating in it. Here, we have will give you know how to arrange it with beautiful wall decor and perfect decorating ideas. You could see how the designer arranging in every part of this design. So, do not wait so long, let’s go follow this luxury studio apartment design ideas below. Who knows you will get inspiration from this design.

Luxury Open Plan Living Room Design Using a Gray and Magenta Color Accent

The first step, you have to be smart for decorating it. If you have a small space, you may choose an open plan living room concept design to your luxury studio apartment design ideas using a gray and magenta color accent for the furniture and decoration. Placement your living room and your dining room into an open plan design ideas. Make your living room become looks bigger with a smart organizing in it. You also may use a wooden accent to cover the floor. You can use it also for the part of your kitchen. To make it more perfect, you may add some decoration in it, use a perfect and modern lighting model to your luxury open plan living room design.

open plan living room design
© Design Studio Mango
luxury living room design
© Design Studio Mango
luxury open plan living room
© Design Studio Mango

Modern Kitchen Design Combined With Minimalist Decor

Then, you could also design your kitchen to make this luxury apartment design more perfect. The designer introduces this modern kitchen design which combined with minimalist decor ideas in it. It also applied a backsplash design from a marble tile design which looks so awesome and trendy. This backsplash function is using to keep clean your kitchen wall. Using gray wall color is very suitable to apply for this design. You can use wooden cabinets to make your design more complete. For the flooring material, you may use marble tile design also to cover it. Add a modern lighting to support this design.

modern kitchen design
© Design Studio Mango
modern kitchen decorating ideas
© Design Studio Mango

Luxury Bathroom Decorating Ideas Decorated With Trendy Backsplash Design

For the bathroom, you may use a gray color to make it more perfect. Use a white color and colorful backsplash tile design for the wall and floor. This will make your luxury bathroom decorating ideas looks so charming. The designer arranges this bathroom combined with minimalist bathroom design and trendy backsplash design that looks so stunning with a hexagonal modern pattern on it. If you have a small space in the bathroom, you do not need to decor it with excessive ornaments. Just add a simple decoration but still looks stunning for your luxury studio apartment design ideas.

luxury bathroom decorating ideas
© Design Studio Mango
trendy bathroom backsplash design
© Design Studio Mango
luxury bathroom decor
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Let’s go follow and apply the step how to arrange it right now! Do not waste your time to change your previous apartment design into a luxury apartment design like the following design above. Do it faster!