Modern House Ideas Using Trendy and Awesome Features Looks So Outstanding

modern house ideas
© Int2Architecture –  Are you looking for a suitable home design for your family? Do you also like a simple and modern design with an attractive and comfortable place to gather with family? For that, you should see the modern house ideas by Int2Architecture below! Make your design looks perfect with a trendy and awesome concept decor. You also may use a soft gray color which looks very stylish and cozy in your room. The selection of its furniture also matches and fill it perfectly. Do not wait so long, let’s take a peek this modern home interior design ideas right now!

Modern Living Room Design Using Brick and Wooden Accent

However, you must do an arrangement in this modern home interior design ideas, especially for the part of living room. The designer paints all over the room including other rooms with brick and wooden accent decor ideas. The aim of the use of the color to create a warmth and awesome living room. Add an artwork design for the wall. This living room has small space, therefore the designer utilizes the room perfectly. Besides that, the designer arranges the wall with a gray brick wall. The designer also uses a wooden accent to arrange the floor of this modern living room design.

home decor ideas
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brick modern home design
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Modern Blue Bedroom Design Using with a Beautiful Lighting

If you have a small space especially in the bedroom, it is better if you applied it with soft color which looks so beautiful such this blue color scheme and concrete decor. This blue color looks so beautiful and awesome. You may bring out a minimalist look in this part of modern house ideas. Unique bed frame looks simple and also save the area to looks wider. Adjust a beautiful lighting to make it perfect. If you can see, the decoration of this room and a small rug to complete this room. To make more perfect, you may put some an artwork design in this minimalist bedroom design.

modern blue bedroom
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beautiful blue bedroom design
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Modern Wooden Bathroom Arranged With a Wall Stone Design

Move to the bathroom, you can apply a different concept design also in this room. If you want to make it more stylish, you might create modern home interior design ideas with a muted color theme which applies for the whole room. You may choose a wooden and wall stone design material for cover the bathroom. Adjust a bathroom equipment which has the unique models such as a hanger clothes to make your modern wooden bathroom design looks trendy. You also may make the room feel like in spa room.

modern wooden bathroom
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wooden bathroom decor ideas
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modern bathroom design ideas
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Hopefully, the modern house ideas above will be inspiring you. Let’s change your previous and small home design by following the concept decor above. You can find more design here and do not forget to share it if you think that it’s interesting to you. Good luck